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Luis Ruiz-Herrera, a Florida driver, was caught after he was caught on camera allegedly slashing a man with a huge machete in a savage fit of road rage, police said. Luis Ruiz-Herrera, 61, is accused of jumping out of his car with the massive blade while stuck in traffic at a Miami intersection late last week, the Miami Springs Police Department said Monday. The shocking video, captured by another driver’s dashboard camera, showed Ruiz-Herrera suddenly lunging at the scooter-riding victim who was stopped in the lane next to him.

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Luis Ruiz-Herrera is 61 years old.

Investigation Report

The victim managed to jump off his scooter and back up slightly as a manic Ruiz-Herrera closed the distance between them, police said. Ruiz-Herrera then allegedly brandished the machete, slashing the victim’s left cheek, according to police and footage. “[The victim] did what I call his best ‘Matrix’ impersonation because he dodged backwards and just got caught on the tip,” Police Chief Armando Guzman told NBC 6. It was not immediately clear what sparked the terrifying incident. road rage experience. Seconds after the alleged attack, Ruiz-Herrera jumped into his vehicle and fled the scene. Police later located him and arrested him. Ruiz-Herrera, who was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, was granted $10,000 bail but was ordered to stay away from the victim.

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