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Luis Angel N.

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A gender reveal party turned deadly after a small plane plummeted and killed Luis Angel N., the pilot in front of cheering guests, who were unaware of the tragedy unfolding above their heads. The happy couple was celebrating their pregnancy with family and friends in Sinaloa, Mexico, and hired a small plane to fly over and drop pink or blue dust to indicate the sex of their baby. As the plane approached the expectant parents, who were standing next to a sign reading “Oh, Baby,” it released pink smoke from its fuselage, indicating that they would have a daughter. Screams and cheers of joy erupted as the beloved couple kissed under the pink residue on September 2. But at the same moment, the Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee aircraft suddenly shot upward, spinning onto its side as one of its wings collapsed in mid-air.

The plane continued to spin out of control, passing by palm trees in the background of the couple’s idyllic moment in the town of San Pedro, Sinaloa. Before realizing the tragedy that had occurred, the couple continued hugging while family members congratulated them. Luis Ángel N., 32, was the pilot and the only person on the plane, local media report. He was found lying in the rubble after the accident. He was rushed to the hospital where he sadly died, according to Aviation Safety Network. Clips of the tragic moment have gone viral on social media, and an image of what is believed to be the wrecked plane showed the extent of the damage. Footage taken beyond the garden where the gender reveal party was taking place also showed how the plane continued to tumble in the sky before crashing.

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Luis Angel N. is 32 years old.

Horror moment gender reveal party turns deadly as plane nosedives and crashes

The limp plane, still spewing pink dust, flew past a parking lot before finally touching the ground. This isn’t the first time an elaborate gender reveal party has turned deadly. In recent years, people have come up with more creative (and dangerous) ways to announce to their loved ones whether they are having a boy or a girl. In October 2019, a rural Iowa grandmother was killed at a gender reveal party after being hit by shrapnel from a homemade bomb her family built to shoot the colored powder. Pamela Kreimeyer, 56, died after the explosion sent debris flying toward her Iowa home. A piece of metal hit her in the head from 45 feet away and she died instantly. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the family had been “experimenting with different types of explosive material.” Police said the family hoped to post the revelation on social media for their loved ones.

It is understood the family placed gunpowder at the bottom of a homemade stand which was welded to a metal base plate. After drilling a hole in the side to place a fuse, a piece of wood was placed on top of the gunpowder and colored powder on top of the board. Duct tape was then wrapped over the top of the metal tube, inadvertently creating a pipe bomb. In February 2021, a 28-year-old father-to-be was killed in New York after he exploded a device he was building for his son’s gender party. Christopher Pekny was assembling the device, which is said to include a pipe, in the garage of his home in the Catskills town of Liberty when it exploded. Weeks before that, another man died in Michigan when he was hit by shrapnel from a gender reveal cannon at a friend’s baby shower. Evan Thomas Silva, 26, of Hartland, was killed on February 6, 2021 outside a home in Genesee County’s Gaines Township. Four people were in the backyard of the house when the small cannon was fired.

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