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Lucinda Daniels, 44, of San Francisco, a mother of four, collapsed minutes after her son was killed on the field during their college game in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, on Friday. Her son, senior running back Dillon Daniels, suffered a broken leg and dislocated foot mid-game while playing for Mountain View High School. Their home game against The King’s Academy in Sunnyvale started normally, with Dillon’s parents cheering them on from the sidelines. Lucinda was known as one of the loudest cheerleaders from her parents’ stand. “She was at every game with her pom-pom,” Mountain View coach Tim Lugo told the local Mercury News Monday night. “You don’t hear many parents from the stands, but you always hear her.” But he said the game took a “surreal” turn when Dillon was seriously injured just before halftime. The young player was treated by paramedics on the field, while his parents responded by running onto the field. But the situation worsened when the boy’s father, Dale, knelt next to his son and suddenly fainted, prompting officials to call an ambulance.

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Lucinda Daniels is 44 years old.

Mountain View mother not expected to survive after collapsing at son’s football game

TKA executive athletic director Joe Maemone told Mercury News that Lucinda was “doing well” at the time. “She was on the phone,” he said. ‘She looked like she was talking to family members, letting them know what was going on. Then dad gets up. He was fine, coherent.’ But while paramedics continued to treat Dillon, his mother also collapsed. She lay on the ground for about three minutes until paramedics placed her on a stretcher and rushed her to the hospital, according to the newspaper. ‘We’re standing there thinking, ‘Lord, what’s going on here?’ It was so surreal,” Maemone said. “You almost think this was just a bad dream you’re going to wake up from.” It was later learned that Lucinda had suffered an aneurysm, which may have burst and caused a stroke. Tragedy struck again just over 24 hours later, when she suffered a second aneurysm that left her without brain activity, according to local reports. She has been described as a selfless mother of four who was an organ donor.

“Anyone who knows Lucinda knows that she has one of the biggest hearts she has ever seen and, in keeping with that spirit, she is an organ donor,” her friends said on the fundraising page. “Although we are losing Lucinda, we hope she finds comfort in knowing that her passing will give the gift of life to many others and allow her love to continue to spread throughout the world. ‘The Daniels family has a deep connection to the Mountain View community and all four children attend Landels, Graham and MVHS. ‘Funds raised will be used to help the family cover all medical, funeral and living expenses as they work to rebuild their lives. “Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.” An estimated one in 50 people in the U.S. has unruptured brain aneurysms, according to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF), but most are not serious. However, if they rupture the probability of survival is only 50%, and of those who survive, around 66% suffer a permanent neurological deficit. Every year there are almost 500,000 deaths worldwide caused by brain aneurysms, and half of the victims are under the age of 50.

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