Who was Lonnie Alford Ray? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Shot to Killed, Investigation Report


Lonnie Alford Ray Wiki – Bio

Lonnie Alford Ray, a dog breeder who thought he was about to sell a French bulldog has been shot and killed by a group of suspects who stole the prized pup outside a South Carolina KFC, authorities said. Ray was a dog lover who raised animals, including hunting dogs and French bulldogs, Simon said.

Lonnie Alford Ray Age

Lonnie Alford Ray was 76 years old.

Dog Sale turned Robbery

Lee County Sheriff Daniel Simon said father-of-four Lonnie Alford Ray went to the fast food parking lot Monday after arranging the sale of the in-demand dog when several men snatched the French bulldog’s leash and several shots were fired at him. He was pronounced dead shortly after being shot.

Simon called the killing “ruthless” and said he lost his life over “something senseless”. “I spoke to the family,” Simon said, according to WBTW. “He won the battle against cancer. He was in the military, he was in wars and for him to lose his life over something meaningless of trying to make a trade or sell a French bulldog and having someone take his life, that’s cruel.”

A 77-year-old friend who was with Ray at the time of the botched sale was shot but not injured, Simon said. French bulldogs have become a lucrative dog breed with four-legged friends worth thousands of dollars. But the highly sought after breed has also led to cases of violence in attempts to steal the dogs.  A Lady Gaga dog walker was shot and seriously injured in 2021 before a man stole two of the French bulldogs from him. Later, the shooter did not contest the case and received a 21-year prison sentence.

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