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Loni Willison, 40, a former successful fitness model and ex-wife of a Baywatch actor, has been caught on camera taking a crack on the streets of Los Angeles, the latest devolution of a once-heralded Hollywood figure.

Loni the ex-wife of Baywatch star, Jeremy Jackson was filmed over the weekend smoking from a crack pipe while covered in grime at a homeless encampment in LA’s Skidrow district. Photos and video obtained by the Daily Mail show the 40-year-old homeless woman pushing a shopping cart full of her belongings and rummaging through a dumpster while eating a hotdog.

Loni Willison Age

Loni Willison is 40 years old.

Problems with mental health and drug addiction

At one moment, the former fitness model stands entirely barefoot on the street and smokes a cigarette while wearing a blue cap backward over her shaved head. When Willison’s spouse divorced her in 2014, she lost her employment and, eventually, her house due to mental health concerns and a crystal meth addiction. New photographs show Willison crouching next to a man and taking meth from a glass pipe in broad daylight, despite maintaining she is fine and refusing offers of aid.

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Domestic abuse and a poisonous relationship

The California native was a successful fitness model who appeared in magazines such as Glam Fit, Flavour Magazine, and Iron Man Magazine. In 2012, she married Jeremy Jackson at a resort in Laguna Beach, California. Prior to their split, the couple was frequently seen packing on the PDA at glitzy red-carpet events and parties. Willison would later say that their marriage was rife with abuse.

The couple formally ended their relationship in 2014, and after they split up, she made a number of shocking charges about her boyfriend. Willison initially spoke out against him in 2015, when he kicked off Celebrity Big Brother in the UK for exposing fellow contestant Chloe Goodman’s breasts. Loni pushed Chloe to bring charges against Jeremy at the time while confessing that she regretted not reporting her own interactions with him to the authorities.

An August 2014 incident allegedly at the hands of Jackson reportedly left Willison with two broken ribs, an injured neck, and scratches on her face and body. But the case was dropped after Loni opted to not press charges. She said in 2015, ‘I didn’t report him when he attacked me because I was scared. I was in a bad place emotionally and I didn’t want Jeremy to go to jail.’ Jeremy has faced his own problems since leaving Baywatch. He struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and was arrested in 2015 for stabbing a woman during an argument. In 2017 the former Hollywood celebrity struck a plea deal and was sentenced to 270 days in LA County Jail and five years probation. After appearing in reality spin-offs, the TV hunk seemingly devolved into obscurity.

Former celebrity event fixture to down and out

Following the couple’s divorce, not only Jackson but also his old partner in crime, Loni Willison, battled with sobriety and finding a stable job. Loni, who was formerly a regular at glitzy celebrity gatherings, appears to have vanished. She was nearly unrecognizable when she reappeared nearly four years later. Her distinctive blond locks had all been severed, her wardrobe full of fashionable clothes had vanished, and she had lost her home.

At the time, Loni conceded suffering from a mental break in 2016 and started to believe that someone was sending electrical currents into her body – which could only be fixed by taking crystal meth. Willison said she had worked as an assistant at a cosmetic surgery center in LA but was fired and then worked for a realtor who, she said, refused to pay her. She couldn’t pay her rent or her car payments and ended up on the streets with just a suitcase.

Loni said in 2018 that she hadn’t showered for a year – keeping herself as dirty as possible to prevent being assaulted or raped on the streets. She also revealed she was robbed regularly. ‘I lost two jobs and everything crumbled. It’s been two years, I’ve been on the streets since,’ Loni previously told the daily mail. Since then, Loni has rejected all attempts from family and friends to get her help, insisting that she’s ‘doing just fine’ and that she ‘has everything she needs’ on the streets.

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