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Liza Burke, a college senior from North Carolina suffered a brain hemorrhage while on spring break in Mexico, where she underwent emergency surgery to remove part of her skull before flying back to the US. USA

Liza Burke, a student at the University of Georgia, was traveling in Cabo San Lucas with a group of friends when she complained of a headache at breakfast Friday, according to a GoFundMe page. She started having a headache, so she said, ‘I’m going to go back in the room and lie down and take some medicine,'” family friend Jennifer Ritter told WSB-TV.

Her friends of hers came back later to check on her and couldn’t wake her up,” she said. The Asheville native was rushed to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation, a tangle of blood vessels that irregularly connect arteries and veins, disrupting the flow of blood and oxygen. Ritter, who organized the GoFundMe campaign, told the outlet that Burke had apparently had the abnormality since she was born.

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Liza Burke’s age is not mentioned.

Liza Burke suffers brain hemorrhage on spring break in Mexico | GoFundMe

Burke underwent emergency surgery to remove part of her skull and was placed on life support, WSB-TV reported. With the help of the more than $138,000 raised, she was placed on a medical flight Tuesday and returned to the US, where she was flown to Jacksonville, Florida, where her mother lives, and she receives treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

“The doctors there were very caring and they really wanted to take her back to the United States because they felt that she was going to receive the best care there,” mother Laura McKeithan told WSB-TV. Somehow my friends were able to make enough calls and use the power of moms to win her back,” she said, adding that her daughter has a long way to go to recover, but she managed to squeeze her hand. McKeithan said her daughter is breathing on her own, but she is still using a ventilator to keep her airway clear. (She is) nothing short of a miracle. We are told to take things one day at a time and not get our hopes up too high, but rather have high hopes,” the mother said.

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