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Linnea Pugmire, A woman was arrested Tuesday night after 911 calls reporting the mayor of Orem had been spit on and assaulted.

A probable cause affidavit shows Linnea Pugmire was arrested and taken to the Utah County Jail for assault, disorderly conduct, propelling a bodily substance and threatening elected officials. Pugmire is the daughter of a Daily Herald writer, who was mentioned by name by Orem City Mayor David Young several times during the meeting as he took issue with her articles. The Daily Herald confirmed the relationship but offered no further comment. Michelle Lee was one of the few witnesses Tuesday night when Pugmire allegedly attacked the mayor of Orem. She says he was very scary. “Suddenly, a car comes running towards us, brakes sharply, the person jumps out, gets in the mayor’s face and starts yelling at him,” says Lee, who adds that at first it wasn’t clear who Pugmire was. , but the mayor quickly realized it. The exchange occurred moments after Mayor Dave Young said this in the council chamber. “The PR people told me I probably shouldn’t go down this path, but it’s gotten to the point where it’s too ridiculous,” that was during the livestream of the Orem City Council meeting.

He then took the next 20 minutes to describe what he believes are grievances against the Daily Herald newspaper, and specifically against Linnea’s mother, Jenell, who is a reporter there. “My intention was to point out the articles, make the points and then let people make up their own minds and ask questions: Is this fair, is this correct?” Young tells KSL TV. Lee is a friend of the mayor and her father is a council member. “It was terrible and very scary, we didn’t know what he was capable of, what his plan was, what he had in his pocket,” Lee says. According to the documents, police arrived, detained and questioned Pugmire. The suspect confirmed the confrontation with the mayor and “may have” slapped and spit on him. Officers said in court documents that they learned there was also a second person who was punched and spit on. “During the investigation, officers recovered video from one of the victims’ cell phones that clearly depicts Pugmire’s criminal actions,” police said. A video that circulated on social media appeared to show the confrontation outside, far from the official recording of the meeting.

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Linnea Pugmire age is not mentioned.

Orem mayor allegedly assaulted by daughter of reporter he disparaged in City Council rant

In the last 20 minutes of the meeting, City of Orem Mayor David Young discussed reporter Genelle Pugmire’s coverage in several articles. Young took issue with previous stories about the city library, headlines about the city budget and, more broadly, a story claiming there is a $1 million judgment involving his business and his son in an Alabama court. Young questioned the timing of the story, nine months after the Alabama court’s ruling. He also questioned why she would speak to the opposing party’s attorney in the case. “So my question is, why would Genelle Pugmire work with Danny Evans, the attorney representing the other side in this case, and she would write this article?” Young man said. “So…the lawyer we have been working against for the last 16 months is in cahoots with Genelle Pugmire and writing an article in Utah?” “Who the hell works with an opposing attorney if you’re trying to find the truth?” asked young man. Before the article was published, Young was asked to respond in an email, but he said he did not see the email until the next day. The print version did not have a response from him while the digital version did.

Young also questioned council member Tom Macdonald about his knowledge of the meeting reports. “I’m not going to continue with this…but in the article he printed last weekend, I have 13 issues regarding items stated as facts. I want her to answer me as to why these inaccuracies were printed and spread throughout Utah.” Young said at the meeting that the court ruling is on appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court, the Daily Herald reported. He also mentioned an earlier article by another writer that initially reported on the court’s ruling and included a garnishment order naming the mayor. “The bottom line is that it is sad when people work so hard to increase containment and divide our community for political gain. It’s pathetic and we should all stand against it,” Young said. “In the real world, in the real world, great things are happening in Orem. Orem is a model for the state. I talk to my friends in different cities all the time and everyone is looking at Orem because Orem is a model … Orem is better than this. Let’s work together to end the misinformation and division and with that, I am going to close this meeting. Thank you.” The full city council meeting is below.

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