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Linda Bliss and Mark Honold Wiki – Biography

Linda Bliss and Mark Honold‘s hopes for a peaceful retirement were dashed when the rental property directly behind their home has been the root of their misery for the past year, the couple told Arizona’s Family on Friday. The property’s constant stream of loud noise, wild late-night parties and a constant stream of strangers coming and going have left them on edge, unable to relax inside their own home, they said. “We are hostages inside our house,” Honold told the local media. “It’s so loud you can hear everything.” The elderly couple called the Phoenix Police Department at least five times and even spoke to the property manager about the problem, which they say only made things worse.

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Linda Bliss and Mark Honold age is not mentioned.

Restraining order filed against Phoenix couple who complained about noise

Their complaints, which included an incident in which they yelled at some of their neighbors’ guests to not be so loud, led the property manager to serve them with a restraining order. “It was very demanding because I am licensed in the state of Arizona for insurance, I work with children and the elderly, and they came and treated me like a criminal,” Bliss said. When contacted by the outlet, the property manager said all guests are screened before moving in and that loud parties were not allowed on the property. The property manager also claimed that the elderly couple were the only ones who had complained about the noisy tenants. Phoenix-based attorney Jonathan Dessaules said homeowners in similar situations should “document everything.” “If you’re going to go to court, whether as a victim, as a witness, or as a party seeking an injunction, you need to be able to present all the evidence before a judge and not just say, ‘Judge, take my word for it.’ . This house is crazy,’” Dessaules said. Bliss and Honold said homeowners will only continue to suffer until cities like Phoenix adopt stricter rules for short-term rental properties. “It’s very disturbing,” Bliss added. “It has totally changed our lives.”

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