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Liam Trimmer, 29, and his fiancée Lilly Watts threw the party at their home in Perth, Western Australia, on Sunday night that continued into Monday morning. As well as celebrating their engagement, the couple also announced to loved ones that they were expecting their first child. But the happy moment ended in tragedy when Mr Trimmer fell over and slashed a carotid artery in his neck, killing him almost instantly. Ms Watts – who is 14 weeks pregnant – was pictured during a short outing with her family on Wednesday. She told Daily Mail Australia that her ‘soulmate’ fiancé will ‘always be the love of my life and our baby will know the wonderful man he was’. The party was going on late into the night when – at around 1am – Mr Trimmer, who moved to Australia from the UK as a teenager, fell over.

Ms Watts is a nurse and guests at the party were largely comprised of police officers and health workers who did everything they could to save his life. However, his injuries were too severe and he could not be saved. The Watts family were spotted walking their dog in local streets on Wednesday, with the young mum-to-be seen wearing her engagement ring. Ms Watts opened up about her heartache to Daily Mail Australia and said her fiancé was ‘truly excited to be a dad’. ‘I have never known a love like Liam’s and this heartbreak and emptiness is just so overwhelming,’ she said. ‘He will always be the love of my life and our baby will know the wonderful man he was.’ Earlier that day, Ms Watts’ close friend Mel Kelly created a GoFundMe page to raise money for the single mum. The appeal raised more than $110,000 Australian dollars (£56,000) in less than 24 hours, and as of Thursday had raised more than $125,000 AUD (£64,000).

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Washington police officer Liam Trimmer, who died in a crash at his engagement party, was ready to welcome the child

Ms Kelly wrote: ‘Lilly’s world was shattered by a freak accident that claimed the life of her beloved fiancé. ‘The evening was meant to be a joyous celebration of Lilly and Liam’s recent engagement and announcing their pregnancy, a huge milestone in their journey together.
Friends and family gathered to share in their happiness. In a cruel twist of events, Liam’s life was cut short leaving behind a void that can never be filled.’ She said Ms Watts had lost her ‘soulmate’ who now faces the prospect of raising her child alone, while juggling living costs. Ms Watts’ mother, Channy Watts, declined to comment on the tragedy when approached on Thursday. Neighbours have since described how they heard the party from their homes, describing how loud music was suddenly punctuated by screams. Mr Trimmer was originally from the UK but he moved to Australia in 2013 and joined the police force. His career began at the WA Police Academy in Joondalup and featured in the UK TV series ‘Wanted Down Under’, during which he gave teenagers advice on life in Australia before they migrate. He later joined the gang crime squad and tactical response group.

He served in several posts while he was in the force including in regional parts of the state and took part in ‘Movember’ with officers from Kalgoorlie Police station. In the days following his death, friends and colleagues took to social media to pay tribute to Mr Trimmer. One friend described him as ‘possibly the fittest bloke’ in a local trekking group. ‘Great sense of humour with a passion to excel,’ they wrote. ‘In my opinion, society can ill-afford to lose guys like Liam [who had] the courage to charge into the furnace on a daily basis, dealing with the ‘heavy duty side of policing.’ ‘The boys are hurting this week, but they have cracked on with major training exercises and domestic operations.’ Another friend replied: ‘He was like that from day one at the [police] academy – you couldn’t help but not like him.’ A third person wrote: ‘It has been a sad couple of days at the office.’ Lots of hugs and lots of tears. But … the boys are getting on with it and getting stuck into their training. Hopefully it’s a good distraction.’

Police Commissioner Col Blanch spoke to a local radio station and described Mr Trimmer as an ‘extremely well-liked’ and respected officer with his ‘whole life ahead of him’. ‘I know when my phone rings early in the morning from a senior officer, generally it’s not good news, and tragically it wasn’t,’ he said. ‘I know everyone that was involved is really, really hurting at the moment, and I think they wish they could just wake up from this nightmare.’ The cause of the accident has not been confirmed. A report will be prepared for the coroner.

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