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Lesley Turner, a mother died of an ‘incurable’ cancer so rare that even some of the nurses treating her had never heard of it, according to her husband.

Lesley Turner died in July of last year after battling angiosarcoma. She was diagnosed in November 2021 after discovering a lump in her breast, and she and her husband Rob were told that her condition could not be cured.

Lesley Turner Age

Lesley Turner was 40 years old.

Rob has desire to honor the memory of his wife through fundraising

The mother-of-one discovered how rare angiosarcoma is after seeing that some nurses treating her at Northern General and Weston Park hospitals in Sheffield had never heard of it. Ms Turner, originally from Stranraer in Dumfries and Galloway, asked doctors not to tell her how much time she had left, Yorkshire Live reported.

Speaking to Yorkshire Live, Rob, 41, said: “We knew pretty quickly that he was serious. He added: “He had chemotherapy for about four months, but he always had a smile on his face and said ‘if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’, so we tried to keep going.”

Rob has revealed his desire to honor the memory of his wife through fundraising. Mrs Turner spent the last five days of her life at St Luke’s Hospice in Sheffiled and made Rob promise that all money raised would go to hospice.

Speaking of the hospice, Rob said: “They took such good care, not just of Lesley but of all the visitors, including me.” The couple met in Glasgow in 2007 when Rob was outfitting a store in Iceland, of which Ms Turner was the manager, and they later had son Liam, now eight years old.

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Couple bought their first home together

Rob left Mrs Turner an Easter egg with a note attached before returning to Sheffield, and they began a relationship after visiting for a year. Mrs Turner moved to Sheffield and the couple eventually bought their first home together.

They were married on June 14, 2014 at Stannington Church. ‘She was nice. She just found the funny side of things – she was fun and brilliant to be around,” Rob said. He also spoke of how Mrs Turner’s death was “hard” on his son Liam, but said he “has a lot of friends at school who help him and a loving family around him.”

The father added that making cards at school before Mother’s Day was particularly difficult for Liam, as the grandparents offered help and support. Following Mrs Turner’s wishes, Rob has now raised almost £4,500 for St Luke’s Hospice with a GoFundMe campaign, surpassing his original goal of £3,500. The father also hosted a golf tournament at Hillsborough Golf Club in the town on May 12, an event he hopes will raise £10,000 for the charity.

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