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A 6-year-old girl bravely fought off Leonardo Venegas, a man who tried to kidnap her outside the youngster’s Miami apartment complex, according to authorities.

The young girl, identified as Ah’lyric, and her siblings were playing in the yard of her compound Thursday when they noticed a white Range Rover parked near her, according to an arrest report obtained by NBC South Florida. The other children went inside, but Ah’lyric was left outside on the stairs and a man, later identified as Leonardo Venegas, 32, grabbed her arm, she told police. She tried to break free of her grasp, but when she fought back, he picked her up and tried to carry her away, police said. It was then that she clamped her jaws against Venegas’s arm. “I bit him,” Ah’lyric told NBC South Florida on Monday. She said that she learned the defense tactic from her mother. The bite made Venegas drop the girl. He slapped her before running away, police said. “I’m glad she knew how to stand up for herself,” mother Teshia McGill told the outlet.

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Leonardo Venegas is 32 years old.

Arrested in Miami for attempted child abduction and abuse

Venegas was arrested in Miami-Dade County on Sunday and charged with kidnapping and child abuse for attempting to snatch the girl out of her home, according to police records obtained by the news outlet. The ordeal was caught on a security camera. The footage allegedly shows Venegas getting out of the white Range Rover and walking towards the building. Moments later, he is seen running from the scene back to his car. Investigators traced the car’s license plate to capture Venegas. She told police she had been in the area looking for houses to buy, but the complex is HUD housing and there are no “for sale” signs, police said in her report.

When she was asked why she was fleeing the apartment complex, she told police that she had heard someone scream. He requested a lawyer when investigators questioned him about his interaction with the girl. “This is a case that has us extremely concerned, something that is not very common,” Miami Police Capt. Freddie Cruz told NBC South Florida. “Luckily we were able to apprehend this individual.” Cruz said his department is investigating whether there have been any additional victims.“If you’re going to play outside, which is wonderful, try to play in groups, try to have an adult present, some kind of supervision, know where your kids are, or if you’re a guardian, know where they are,” Cruz said.

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