free geoipWho is Leighton Amies? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Found guilty, Suspect in the Murder of Tomasz Oleszak -

Who is Leighton Amies? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Found guilty, Suspect in the Murder of Tomasz Oleszak

Leighton Amies Wiki – Leighton Amies  Biography

Leighton Amies may now be identified as the 15-year-old boy who was found guilty of killing a teenager in a park after the judge removed the gag order.

A 14-year-old child was stabbed to death in Gateshead, and a teenager was found guilty of murder. When Tomasz Oleszak was attacked in October, he suffered an 8cm-deep cut to his chest and died the next day.

Leighton Amies, who is now 15 but was 14 at the time, claimed he accidentally stabbed Tomasz during a gang attack. He was found guilty of murder and attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to another kid whose coat was slashed by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court. The killer, who did not know Tomasz and lived in a different section of Tyneside, claimed he took a serrated steak knife out on the spur of the moment on October 3.

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Leighton Amies is 15 years old.

15-year-old Leighton Amies was convicted guilty of Tomasz Oleszak’s murder

He’d gone to Springwell to meet a 14-year-old girl and was walking her home through Whitehills Nature Park when she alerted him to a group of adolescents tailing them. Amies claimed he pulled the knife after being punched, kicked, and wrestled to the ground, but prosecutors claimed he lied about being attacked. The killer yelled to the gang after executing the deadly blow, “I’ve wetted your boy,” the court heard.

Prosecutor Mark McKone KC told jurors, “He wanted them to know he had stabbed one of their numbers.” “It was a brag.” Mr. McKone stated that the gang was not “blameless” because they contemplated hitting Amies, but he was the “aggressor” and the only hurt he received was a minor thumb injury. Defending attorney Peter Makepeace KC stated that his client was “flailing out indiscriminately in the act of self-defense.” Jurors learned that Amies concealed the knife in a bush and then texted a friend saying he wanted it “melted.”

Tomasz Oleszak Murder

Tomasz’s mother, Kamila, and his father, Patryk, as well as Tomasz’s six-year-old sibling, were “devastated beyond words” by his death, according to a statement previously given by police. Tomasz was an amazing son,” she said, “a kind and caring role model to his little brother and a great friend to so many.”

Amies will be sentenced in June. After the judge, Mr. Justice Martin Spencer withdrew an anonymity order, he can now be recognized. Mr. Spencer stated that the public’s desire to learn Amies’ name outweighed his desire to remain unknown and that he hoped the case would serve as a deterrence to other young people carrying knives and conducting similar “tragic and appalling” actions.

Tomasz’s death was described as a “truly tragic case” by Northumbria Police Det Insp Chris Deavin. Tomasz had his whole life ahead of him; he was a promising footballer and a popular student at his school,” he said. We want to send a clear message to anyone who chooses to carry a weapon or believes violence is acceptable: the consequences can be disastrous. Look at how much pain this tragedy has caused – not only could you take away someone else’s future and destroy the lives of their loved ones, but you could also ruin your own and those of your family and friends.”

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