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Lee Wright, 42, took his wife Jodie and three children, aged 13, 11 and 3, hostage at knifepoint and shouted: “I’m going to kill them all” after arriving home late and drunk from the pub when he said he was just popping. go out to buy cigarettes. Wright left on the afternoon of May 29 this year and eventually returned to his home in Weste, Salford, at 1.30am the following morning, when he was confronted by his wife. He then grabbed a knife and threatened to stab her. chchLater, the subcontractor put his wife and children in a bedroom and promised to slit their throats. He then called the police himself and warned that “if you enter the house, you will find four bodies inside.” Wright was eventually arrested after storming out of the house to sit in his truck. He was jailed for 40 months at Manchester Crown Court after admitting four counts of threats to kill, criminal damage and common assault.

When questioned by police, Wright made no comments in the interview before signing off by saying, “It’s all bullshit anyway.” In a statement, Jodie, who has since refused to have any contact with her husband, said: “The children will be scarred for life by her father’s behaviour.” I have had to change the locks as a result of this incident. Throughout the hearing he waved, blew kisses and made mocking faces at family members, including Jodie, who was sitting in the public gallery. Judge Hilary Manley told him: ‘Judging from your attitude in the dock and your frequent interruptions, I detect a certain level of arrogance in you. You are a man who believes that he can do whatever he wants without thinking about what others think. And she added: ‘This was a very serious incident and is not like other life-threatening crimes. This occurred in a confined space that you forced your family to enter.

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Lee Wright is 42 years old.

Investigation Report

Furthermore, you were behaving in a way that was too credible for your young children to believe that you would follow through on your threats. I have no doubt that the effect on your children will be profound and they will not forget what happened in the early hours of that morning for a long time.’ Earlier, James Preece, prosecuting, said: ‘On the afternoon of 29 May 2023, the defendant left the family home saying that he wanted to buy some cigarettes. When he finally returned, it was 1:30 in the morning the next day. ‘One of the children heard the accused enter the house and saw him talking to himself in the kitchen. He was clearly very drunk. ‘When Jodie came downstairs and approached the defendant, he punched her and took items she was holding from her hands. She then took a kitchen knife and held it over her head saying, “Do you want me to stab you?” ‘The defendant then grabbed Jodie and dragged her up the stairs. The whole time he was yelling at her with his fist raised from her as if she was going to punch him.

‘In the process, Jodie managed to call 999 but she was unable to speak to the operator before being forced to hang up. When they reached the top of the stairs, the defendant shouted, “Come on, let’s go get all the children.” He took Jodie into the bedroom her two daughters shared and threw her on the bed next to them. All the children were scared and crying at that moment. ‘The accused then went into the next room to look for his three-year-old son, who he picked up and threw on the bedroom floor, so now the whole family was in that room. “The defendant then began hitting a cupboard with his head and throwing objects around the room in anger. He also took the television off the wall and threw it. All this time, her children yelled at him to stop. The defendant then approached Jodie and punched her on the right side of her face. ‘The accused told the four to stay in the bedroom and threatened to kill them with the kitchen knife if they did not comply. He said, “I’m going to kill them all, I’m going to cut all their throats.” In response, the children shouted, “please don’t kill us, dad.” “The accused then called the police and said that if they went to the house they would find four bodies and he also threatened them with a confrontation.

‘After about half an hour the defendant left the bedroom and went out the front door to sit in his van on the street. The police arrived shortly after and arrested him. The kitchen knife was recovered from the front yard. Wright’s defense lawyer, Laura Broome, said: “He has very little memory of the incident due to him being under the influence of cocaine and alcohol at the time.” He spiraled out of control at that moment, leading him to act horribly toward the people he loves the most. ‘He burst into tears when he told me about what he had done before and clearly feels guilty that his behavior is affecting his children. “He hasn’t spoken to to them for a number of months now and this is the longest he has gone without contacting them. Before this incident he would pick them up from school every day and take them out for food.’ ‘He works as a subcontractor and his former employer has told me of his hard-working nature. His wife, has also told me that she does not wish for a restraining order to be imposed.’ Wright will serve one half of his sentence in prison before serving the remaining period on licence.

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