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Lee Borrett and Timmy Wiki – Lee Borrett and Timmy Biography

The body of Lee Borrett, 41, was found next to that of his young son Timmy on Monday night. His cause of death is still unclear. Timmy’s mother, Veronica, collapsed in the street after hearing the tragic news. She ran to her old house in Leicester at 8:30 p.m. m. after her partner Borrett failed to return Timmy, whose real name was Timotei, to her as planned. The two bodies were discovered when Borrett’s roommate was returning from work. It is understood that Timmy’s mother had won full custody of him last week. She previously had been living predominantly with Borrett. Neighbor Carole Potter, 70, who watched the incident unfold, said: “Mother Veronica came in and I heard a scream and then she came out and collapsed on the floor.” Her boyfriend was trying to comfort her. I didn’t know what had happened. He just hoped against hope that the little boy was safe. Minutes earlier, Mrs. Potter had let Veronica into her house to look over the garden fence for clues as to what had happened. She said: ‘I knew Timmy was with Lee for the day. Around 5:30 p.m. I heard the boy scream, but it was more like hysterical laughter than anything to worry about.

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Lee Borrett, 41, and Timmy 5 years old.

Father and his five-year-old son were discovered dead after the boy’s mother won custody of him

“The next thing I heard was Veronica banging on the door and yelling at around 8:30pm.” Potter said the couple separated two years ago. Timmy stayed with his father while his mother, whose family hails from Slovakia, moved in with a new boyfriend in Earl Shilton’s town. She said: ‘I got along very well with Veronica. It was like having another daughter. She is so good. I first spoke to her when she came home from the hospital with the baby. When they separated, he kept the little boy, but she would see him regularly. She always brought him back on time. Then she recently told me that she had full custody. Before becoming a full-time father to his son, Borrett had worked on an industrial estate near Rugby, Potter said. Since he got the kid he hasn’t worked,” Carole said. ‘The boy was lovely. She would see him coming home from school and wanted to talk about his day, but dad always pushed her in. ‘I just can’t believe what has happened. You never expect something like this at your doorstep. To be honest, it has broken my heart. I will never forget it for the rest of my life.

Police Investigation Report

Last night, she was seen by forensic officers going in and out of the townhouse tonight and checking the black wheelie bin for clues. Leicestershire Police are conducting an investigation into the deaths but officers are not looking for anyone else at this time. Detective Chief Inspector Mark Sinski, from the East Midlands Special Operations Unit’s main crime team, said yesterday: “Following the tragic news that a boy and man have died, detectives are working to understand what happened inside address last night.” “I understand that this incident will raise many questions, but our investigation is currently in its early stages. “I can assure people that there is no risk to the public and at this time we do not believe that anyone else was involved in the incident.” The families of the two deceased are being supported by officials at this very difficult time.”

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