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Leanne Leadbetter, a mother who was accused of stabbing her boyfriend during a white wine-fueled riot has avoided jail time. Leanne Leadbetter went on a drunken rampage in which she smashed her partner Christopher Boscoe’s new television and threw pots, pans, and crockery. As Leadbetter ran amok about the Cheshire property, Boscoe, 44, dialed 999 and told the operator that he had been vandalizing his home before adding at the last moment: “I forgot to mention that he stabbed me too.” Bodily harm and assaults from a previous incident were dropped after Boscoe declined to give a statement.

At Chester Crown Court, Leadbetter admitted to criminal mischief and was sentenced to an 18-month community order with the requirements that she attends 35 days of rehabilitation with the probation service and participates in a six-month alcohol treatment program. Leadbetter was also served with a 12-month restraining order prohibiting him from going anywhere near Mr. Boscoe’s street in Runcorn.

Leanne Leadbetter Age

Leanne Leadbetter is 38 years old.

Leadbetter had prior offenses including disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and assault

She is now fighting to get her children back after losing them in the care system due to her binge drinking. Leadbetter had 22 prior offenses on her record, including disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, and assault. The investigation began after the victim called 999 following a fight on his property on September 11 last year. Peter Hussey, the prosecutor, told the court: ‘He said the defendant had gone mad and damaged his property. Almost as an afterthought, he also said, “I forgot to mention that I’ve been stabbed,” and it’s that complaint that brought the police to the address. ‘When they arrived, the defendant was sitting on the doorstep of Mr. Boscoe’s address. Neighbors spoke to the police because of the riots.

“There were several items in the kitchen that Mr. Boscoe described as having been torn off the counter by the defendant with her arm on the floor. “He has not provided any details of the cost of the television or kitchen items, but after an account was drawn from him, the defendant was arrested and taken into custody for an interview. ‘There was a prior acceptance of criminal damage. The evidence is also that at 1:00 p.m. both parties had been drinking and there was an indication from the defendant that the drinking had been going on for some time. ‘Mr Boscoe did not support the allegation and did not make a statement. There is not enough evidence to pursue even a hearsay request. ‘Neighbors reported a disturbance via loud music at Mr. Boscoe’s address, which caused them some disturbance. It seems that the relationship with Mr. Boscoe has come to an end.

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Alcohol affects people in different ways

Sentencing judge Patrick Thompson said: “His worst enemy of his has probably been alcohol. Alcohol affects people in different ways, but excessive alcohol has affected this defendant in a particularly bad way and has led to this situation. ‘People have to realize what is good and bad for you. There is no greater loss than losing your children. If you get the chance to get your kids back, that sounds a lot more appealing to me than a bottle of wine. He told Leadbetter: ‘You are more than capable of being a useful member of society and participating well. You can see the root of your problems when you are sober.

I don’t know if you can see when you’ve had alcohol, but it seems to have had a very negative effect on you. You have to learn to live without it. You have lost three children to the system and all because of alcohol. You have to understand that it affects your temperament in a very negative way. It’s time to grow up. You are 38 years old and I know from reports that you want your children back. You have a relationship with them. You have to dress up to be a good mother. This court has given you a chance. You need to change your life and there won’t be many more opportunities. Continue with your life.’

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