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Leah Smith, 22, from Woolton, Merseyside, died on Monday from Ewing’s Sarcoma, which usually affects children and young people. More than half a million people followed Ms Smith’s journey on TikTok, which recorded her daily life living with the disease. Tributes poured in after her boyfriend Andrew Moore shared the news on her page. He said Ms Smith died at about 11:30 GMT on 11 March and “will never be forgotten”. In the video message, he continued: “I want to see everyone speaking about Leah and how amazing she is and how much she helped everyone.

“We’ll never let Leah be forgotten.” He said Ms Smith read all the comments followers shared with her during the course of her treatment. “Anyone who said anything nice ever, it means more than you realise,” he added. Ms Smith had complained of back ache 10 months before her diagnosis but it was not until she lost all the feeling in her left leg that she knew something was wrong, she said on the video-sharing app in 2020.

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Leah Smith Death

Ewing’s Sarcoma is a rare form of bone cancer, with most cases diagnosed in people aged 10 to 20. The symptoms can depend on the size of the cancer and where it is in the body, according to the NHS. The main symptoms are pain in the affected area that gets progressively worse, alongside swelling and tenderness. More than 60,000 messages of support were left for Ms Smith, her family and friends underneath the TikTok message.

Her brother Liam also commented on the video to “thank everyone for all they have done for Leah and this family”. One TikTok follower said: “Leah Smith you were amazing and so strong.” Her best friend Vikki posted an update to thank everyone for their support, adding: “If love could have saved her she would have lived forever and a day.” On starting her page, Ms Smith said she wanted to “express my journey” and show people “my life living with cancer – the ups and downs of it.” Many of her videos were viewed more than a million times.

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