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Layla Silvernail, a 16-year-old Florida girl who was shot in the head and left by the side of the road shortly before two other teenagers were found murderously killed has no brain activity and will be taken off life support. The young woman was shot in the head and taken urgently to a nearby hospital, where she is still in critical condition.

A 16-year-old girl who is in critical condition and two other Florida teenagers who were found dead were shot in the same neighbourhood close to Orlando, but authorities are dispelling suspicions that a serial killer is on the loose. The body was discovered by police when they arrived at Southeast 94th Street and Southeast 188th Court at 8 the following morning. The body of a 17-year-old kid was discovered on the side of the road when officers arrived at 8 the next morning at Southeast 94th Street and Southeast 188th Court, according to police.

Layla Silvernail Age

Layla Silvernail is 16 years old.

Teen in Mystery Triple Shooting Case in florida

Another 16-year-old girl’s body, the third victim, was found in a Silvernail vehicle that was partially buried in a lake close to Malauka Loop and Malauka Loop Trail at around 12:40 on Saturday. The slain teens’ identities have not been made public. Sheriff Billy Woods appealed for assistance from the public in finding the perpetrator of the horrifying atrocities while also assuring the neighbourhood that speculations about a potential serial killer are untrue. “That is not at all the case.I can assure you of that because I have the information that is currently available. Hence, refrain from making assumptions on social media, he advised in a Facebook video.

“Someone out there has some information. Even though rumours spread quickly, we want you to have correct information. Due to the ongoing nature of this case, little information is now accessible, according to Woods. The sheriff also stated that legal limitations and the ongoing investigation prevent his office from disclosing certain details about the horrible acts, including to the families, but he issued a warning to the public against spreading false information. Thus, refrain from speculating on social media because, among other things, I want each of you to consider and try to remember as you start to type that there are family members reading it. Some of you, he continued, “you make up things that are destructive to that family, and you need to stop.

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Layla has no brain activity and needs her organs to be donated

The Post was also informed on Tuesday by police spokesperson Zachary Moore that detectives “have no reason to believe this is anything approaching serial-killer level.” A GoFundMe page claims that Silvernail will be taken off life support because she has no brain activity and needs her organs to be donated. Layla, who is sixteen years old, has played travel and recreational softball her entire life.She is the epitome of a team player and an outstanding athlete, according to the fundraiser. She enjoyed playing baseball, was a fantastic pitcher, and could fill in at any position as needed by her team. She inspired each of her team members! She was stolen from us too soon and will be sorely missed, the statement continues. Silvernail’s childhood friend Jenna Schmitt told WCJB that she was “stunned” to learn of the incident.

I needed to enter the hallway. When I heard what occurred, I kind of just started crying right away, but when I found out she was still alive, it kind of gave me hope,” she told the publication. “I’ve practically known Layla since I was two years old, or even earlier. Criminal investigators were working in the Ocala National Forest on Monday to look into the gunshots that occurred over a three-day period. Every parent should experience the same level of shock that I do as a parent, a resident said WESH. “I really hope we can figure out what went wrong and support this neighbourhood so our kids can feel safe,” she said. Woods claimed that his detectives are meticulously following up on every clue they can find. “We are grieved by the families of these three adolescents,” he continued, “and we are committed to holding those guilty for these heinous acts accountable.”

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