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LaVaughn Barnes Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Charged, Murder, Investigation Report

LaVaughn Barnes Wiki – Bio

LaVaughn Barnes reported finding a headless, dismembered and “mummified” body in his backyard earlier this month, but later turned himself in, telling police: “I did it.

Barnes and his sister, who owns the home where they both lived, called police on February 3 when Barnes said he found the body while he was cleaning up the backyard. LaVaughn Barnes has been charged with first-degree murder while armed in the death of a handyman he said had worked for him on several occasions at his northeast Washington, D.C., home.

LaVaughn Barnes Age

LaVaughn Barnes is 32 years old.

Charged after decapitated remains found in yard

Police identified the dead man as Abdulio Arias-Lopez and said he had a gunshot wound to the abdomen, according to WJLA. Court documents say investigators found bloodstains in the basement, a machete, a large knife with a sheath, four folding knives, brass knuckles, a Taser, cleaning supplies and paint, according to WTOP. And on Wednesday, Barnes appeared before police and said the victim was a handyman he killed on Nov. 4.

Court documents say Barnes told detectives that he met with the handyman two days earlier and became very angry, so angry that he decided he was going to kill the man and bought a taser. On the day of the murder, he said that he was in the kitchen while Arias-López was preparing to paint the room and was suddenly seized by rage for no apparent reason. He fired the taser at the man’s head.

The handyman fell to the ground and, according to Barnes, a gash opened up on his head. “Why would you do this to me?” he said Arias-Lopez asked. Then, according to court documents, he punched and kicked the handyman and dragged him downstairs, where he stabbed him twice in the buttocks. At a hardware store he bought an ax, which he used to cut off Arias-López’s arms. He dumped Arias-Lopez’s arms, head and personal documents in the trash, he told investigators, and garbage collectors hauled them away, the Washington Post said.

Barnes said he covered the remains with garbage bags and put them in his backyard. Barnes also told police that he wanted to be executed and that he had suicidal thoughts, saying that he confessed because he had “repented to God for his actions.”

Autopsy results on the remains are still pending, along with DNA testing of the remains and blood evidence from the basement. Barnes was in court Thursday when he was ordered held without bail. He is due back in court on March 29.

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