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Lauren Pazienza Wiki – Lauren Pazienza Biography

Long Island event planner Lauren Pazienza pleaded guilty Wednesday to pushing veteran Broadway singing coach Barbara Maier Gustern to her death in an unprovoked attack last year. Pazienza, 27, attacked the 87-year-old vocal coach last March on a Chelsea pavement, forcefully shoving her to the ground. She is expected to serve eight years for the murder, far less time behind bars than the 25-year sentence she risked receiving at trial. She will be formally sentenced on September 29. Pazienza, heiress to a large cesspool drainage empire on Long Island, has been detained on Rikers Island for more than a year since the apparently motiveless attack. Gustern died five days after being admitted with severe head injuries from shoving. It is later revealed that Pazienza, who did not know the victim of hers, ran across the street and called the singing coach a bitch before pushing her.

Before the seemingly random attack, Pazienza had drunk several glasses of wine with her fiancée as they celebrated the 100 days until her wedding. It is possible that she also took Xanax. “She had been on drugs, maybe two bottles of wine and a ton of marijuana,” defense attorney Arthur Aidala said outside a Manhattan courtroom in June. She had been thrown out of Chelsea Park, which she was closing, when she stomped across the street and attacked Gustern. Pazienza, who has no criminal record, has been represented by Arthur Aidala, who previously represented disgraced movie executive Harvey Weinstein during his Manhattan trial in 2020. According to prosecutors, Pazienza’s fiancée previously revealed that he had consumed “several drinks of wine” before the attack, as the couple celebrated their engagement.

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Lauren Pazienza is 27 years old.

Woman accused in fatal shove of vocal coach pleads guilty

When told the park was closing, she allegedly flew into a rage and attacked Gustern in the street, shoving the 87-year-old man to the ground and calling her a “bitch.” She is later told that she watched as an ambulance crew took the frail older woman away with blood dripping from her head. Pazienza, prosecutors say, spent the next two weeks trying to cover her tracks. She quit her job, deleted her social media pages and even hid her cell phone at her aunt’s house on Long Island after fleeing her Astoria apartment, where she lives with her wife. her fiancé, a Microsoft employee. After several weeks, she finally turned herself in to the NYPD after police released footage of her as a suspect in the attack. Former friends of hers said it was “no surprise” to see Pazienza accused of the disturbing crime. ‘What angered me the most was seeing that her lawyer said that she had been overcharged and that she is a good and moral person. She is not,” one said. “I knew her very well at school and she was all trouble.” According to her former classmate: ‘She is the poster child for white privilege. She never faced any consequences in her life. Her parents helped her, who got her out of everything, but she called them stupid and base. An acquaintance also said that she was prone to making fun of people and spoke in a derogatory manner, “about fat and deaf people…anyone.” Images shared with also showed the 27-year-old appearing to taunt deaf people, contorting her face as she yelled and posing as a disabled person.

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