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Lasonya Dutton, 31, had been missing for several days when her body was discovered just four meters from the kitchen window of her family’s home in the remote New South Wales town of Wilcannia, in March 2022. Her tragic death rocked the small town of less than 750 but, nearly 18 months later, her devastated family is no closer to knowing how and why she died.Police ruled Lasonya’s death a suicide after an electrical cable was found near her body. However, a coroner stated in an autopsy report that “third party involvement” could not be ruled out, and found the circumstances of Lasonya’s death suspicious.Lasonya’s father, Keith Dutton, remains determined as ever to get justice.Dutton, who received the autopsy report nearly a year after Lasonya’s death, insists his daughter did not kill herself because she loved life as much as her two children.My family and I believe that she has been murdered. In that autopsy report, it states that a third party cannot be excluded and goes on to say that she thoroughly investigated herself,” he told the Adelaide Advertiser.“I don’t know how the police came to the conclusion that a full investigation has been carried out.’I’m horrified, to be honest with you. My family knows it, and half of Wilcannia knows it… I’m about to explode.

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Lasonya Dutton Age

Lasonya Dutton was 31 years old.

Missing Woman’s Body Found Being Eaten by Dog: ‘Ran Out Screaming’

Lasonya’s uncle, Merle Dutton, was horrified to find the decomposing body of her mother in the family’s backyard. ‘I didn’t think of anything until I got a little closer, then I realized that she was a human being. I ran out screaming and screaming,” he said.He claims that the police never took a formal statement from him, despite the fact that he was the one who found Lasonya’s body.Keith Dutton is puzzled how her daughter could have been lying in the backyard for so long without her family seeing her, especially when the house was a “drop-in center” for locals.He claims a neighbor told him that he saw two people who appeared to be trying to break into Lasonya’s house the night before her body was found.There were also rumors that people saw Lasonya being assaulted on the Friday night she was last seen, and she found a bloody knife in the local oval.Mr. Dutton went to the police with these claims, but alleges that the officers “didn’t want to hear him”.The NSW Coroner’s Court has since taken over the police investigation and is working on a coroner’s inquiry.NSW police insist they explored several lines of inquiry into Lasonya’s death and had engaged with her family several times during the investigation.If you or someone you know needs help, please contact 13Yarn (13 92 76) or Lifeline on 131 114.

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