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Larry Pearson, a Texas man, was sentenced to 70 years in jail for spitting at Lubbock police officers during an arrest in May, according to reports. Larry Pearson, 36, was arrested on domestic abuse charges after allegedly hitting a lady in the face many times, leaving her with “multiple visible injuries,” according to Pearson became enraged when officers failed to arrest the victim and began kicking the door of the police cruiser.

Larry Pearson Age

Larry Pearson is 36 years old.

Found guilty on two charges of harassment of a public official by jurors

Pearson spat at two cops who opened the door to demand he stops, according to the website, and he continued to do so even after he arrived at the Lubbock County Detention Centre. He was later found guilty on two charges of harassment of a public official by jurors. During the closing arguments of the trial, prosecutor Jessica Gorman asked the jury to “send a message” to both the suspect and society with their verdict.

Pearson had prior convictions for violent robbery and domestic violence, according to Gorman. As a result, he risked a 25-year minimum sentence. According to, Gorman told the court, “If you’re going to live a life of crime, you’re going to do it among other criminals [in prison].” Pearson’s defense attorney, Jim Shaw, told jurors that the sentence was for a “simple misdemeanor” that spiraled out of hand. Regardless, the jury tossed the book at him. “You’re not going to get 70 years for something like this when you’ve never been in trouble before,” Gorman explained.

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