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Larry Hendrickson, a 92-year-old man survived a night in subfreezing temperatures last week after abandoning his car and sliding down the embankment of an Oregon highway. Larry Hendrickson defied death by covering himself with the vegetation he sought, Oregon State Police said. Henrickson had been reported as a “delayed” driver around 3 p.m. Nov. 7 and he was last known to be driving west on I-84 in La Grande, a city in the northwest corner of Oregon.

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Larry Hendrickson is 92 years old.

Investigation Report

The next morning, officers saw his car abandoned on a secluded road off the highway. “A short distance away, officers discovered the elderly driver lying down an embankment,” police said. Hendrickson was still hiding under the vegetation he sought to survive the night of what police called “life-threatening cold weather conditions” when he was found by officers. Temperatures dropped as low as 11 degrees that night, weather data shows, and he was still well below freezing when he was finally discovered. Miraculously, he was conscious and breathing, OSP said. Hendrickson was rushed to a hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. “We are grateful for this positive result. Exposure to cold weather can be life-threatening and another night in these conditions could have been fatal,” Capt. Kyle Kennedy of the Oregon State Police said in a statement.

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