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Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans Wiki – Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans Biography

Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, have been identified locally as the two youngsters who were killed in the Cardiff car accident that caused a riot.

On Monday, soon after 18:00 BST, the youngsters were killed while riding an electric bike in Ely. Some residents told the PA news agency that cops were chasing the boys. The lads were not being chased, according to South Wales Police. As more than 100 people gathered following the incident, cars were set on fire, and fireworks were hurled at police. Bridy Bool, who knows Harvey’s family, claimed he had “loads of friends” and enjoyed motorbikes and football.

He was best friends with Kyrees, and [they] shared interests.” “It wasn’t uncommon for them to be together,” she explained. Ms. Bool stated that she suspected the two were being pursued by cops “because there are videos floating around.”

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Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans 15 years old.

Two teenagers killed in an Ely car accident have been identified

Police denied this assertion, saying they arrived at the area after the incident and stayed until the early hours of Tuesday to manage “large-scale disorder.” According to South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael, up to 12 officers were hurt during the disturbance. “It would appear that there were rumors, and those rumors became rife, of a police chase – which wasn’t the case,” Mr Michael added. South Wales Police confirmed arrests but did not specify how many.

As 100 to 150 people gathered in Ely on Monday night, cars were set on fire, and pyrotechnics were thrown at police. Police tweeted at 20:00 that they were still on the scene of the crash but were also working to “de-escalate ongoing disorder.” The police department stated that it had received a considerable number of calls from “understandably frightened” locals. By 01:10 BST on Tuesday, police had reported that many vehicles had been set ablaze and that arrests were being made.

Cardiff Crash Victims identified

The force expressed condolences to the families of the deceased youngsters as well as those affected by the unrest. A police spokesperson stated that more arrests would be made. The crash, Mr. Michael said on BBC Radio 4’s Today, was “being investigated in its own right,” but it appeared to have ignited the disturbance. He stated that the link between the two occurrences was “far from clear.”

“There will be investigations this morning to try to determine what happened,” Mr Michael said. “Our priority now is to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the collision and the horrific scenes that ensued,” the official stated. The “upsetting reports” have “very concerned” First Minister Mark Drakeford, whose Cardiff West constituency includes Ely. The incident was described as “appalling and completely unacceptable” by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spokeswoman. “We have not received a referral from South Wales Police regarding the incident in Ely last night, and there is no indication that we will receive a referral,” stated the IOPC.

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