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Kyra Leanne King suffered fatal neck and head injuries when she was savagely attacked by a Siberian husky sled dog named Blizzard on March 6 last year.

Her parents, Vince King, 55, and Karen Alcock, 41, were exercising 19 dogs in a field when the horror struck at Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.Lincoln Crown Court heard the animal jumped from his unsafe truck and fatally mauled Kyra. The dog, which will be euthanized, left Kyra with multiple head and neck injuries, and her parents performed CPR on her in an attempt to revive her.On Monday, Judge Sjolin Knight, handing them their suspended sentences, said the incident was the result of a “tragic combination of circumstances.””This is a tragic case, and I have no doubt that they both wish every day that they could turn back the clock so that such an incident never happens,” he said. “There was nothing that triggered [Blizzard’s] attack on Kyra, but this time it was dangerously out of control. ‘Owning a dog is a privilege and for many a pleasure, but it comes with a heavy burden under the Dangerous Dogs Act. .

‘[Blizzard] did a horrible thing that none of you expected and it will weigh heavily on you for the rest of your lives.“I don’t think this incident was reasonably foreseeable, but I think it was a momentary lapse in a good system.’It is appropriate to suspend both sentences.’Alcock previously admitted to owning and/or being in charge of a dog that was out of control causing injuries resulting in death.King denied the same charge, but changed her guilty plea on the first day of her trial at Lincoln Crown Court.Today, Alcock was given an eight-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work.King received 10 months in prison, a two-year suspension, and 100 hours of unpaid work. The court heard that the couple had taken their daughter with them into the woods to exercise 19 Siberian huskies that King was competing with. King and Alcock, of New York, Lincs. he first walked five of the dogs together while Kyra was pushed by her mother, before King took seven of the dogs on a sled race.

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Kyra Leanne King Age

Kyra Leanne King was 3 months old.

Inquest opens into dog attack death

When he returned from the sled run, three of the dogs were placed in the center of the truck to drink and rest, and the side door was closed.However, they were not locked in the dog cages, which the van was equipped with, and there was no guard separating the front of the cab from the rear of the vehicle.Kyra was standing by the open front passenger door of the truck when one of the huskies jumped into the cab and out of the vehicle before savagely attacking her.Alcock and King attempted to resuscitate her daughter until paramedics arrived around 11:13 p.m. m. and, despite their best efforts, they were unable to save her.King and Alcock were arrested at the scene and charged after a lengthy investigation.A destruction order was granted in court today for the dog. Detective Constable Craig Davey, of Lincolnshire Police, said: “This has been an utterly tragic case, and today, our thoughts are with Kyra and the short life she lived, and the people who loved and lost Kyra.

“Our investigation was to understand the circumstances that meant the Blizzard was able to get close enough to Kyra to inflict such horrific injuries.”Sadly, we found out that she had died from an attack that could have been prevented if security measures had been taken, such as kenneling the dogs or making sure they couldn’t get out of the van.”“The dedication and determination of our officers to understand what happened at the Ostler plantation is commendable.“This was an incredibly difficult case to be involved with, but we knew how important it was to find out the truth about what had happened.“It is a stark reminder to everyone about the dangers of dogs and children.”What happened to that three-month-old girl is something that will haunt all of us involved in this investigation, and the general public who have been so invested in justice for Kyra, as well as her parents, forever. “.”Today’s sentencing brings justice for Kyra, but I think she could speak for everyone when I say that the sadness of a senseless loss will remain.”

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