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Koray Alpergin, A popular radio DJ who was friends with A-list celebrities was kidnapped and tortured to death in a restaurant just meters from the Spurs stadium, a court heard. Mehmet Koray Alpergin and his girlfriend were kidnapped while returning home from an expensive Italian restaurant in Mayfair, central London, last October, the Old Bailey was told. They were taken to an empty wine shop fronting White Hart Lane, where Alpergin, 43, was allegedly beaten, strangled, scalded with boiling water, stabbed, mutilated and raped. His body was later dumped in Essex woods and his 34-year-old girlfriend, Gozde Dalbudak, spent two days locked in a bathroom before being freed, jurors were told. Six men are on trial at the Old Bailey accused of murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice. Opening the trial on Wednesday, Crispin Aylett KC said: “It is obvious that before his death Koray Alpergin had been horribly stripped and tortured.

“From the number and nature of the injuries sustained, the prosecution suggests that it is not difficult to imagine a group of sadistic thugs taking turns inflicting harm, whether by punching and kicking, hitting him with a bat, scalding him with boiling water . water, stabbing his feet…” Jurors heard that Mr Alpergin, originally from northern Cyprus, was a well-known and popular figure in the British Turkish community and the owner of a Turkish-language radio station in London, Bizim FM. Before his death, he seemed anxious and nervous rather than his usual “carefree” personality, jurors heard. On September 24, the day after a tracker was installed on his Audi, a friend joked that he had been bugged because his car was making strange noises. Instead of laughing, he stayed very quiet, jurors were told. He was also said to be deeply in debt with a number of claims against him, including £32,405 for his Audi.

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Koray Alpergin was 43 years old.

Investigation Report

It was claimed that on the night of October 13 last year, his attackers were waiting for him and Ms Dalbudak after one of them installed the tracking device. As they returned to their home in Enfield, north London, father-of-two Mr Alpergin was bundled into a white van, while Ms Daldudak was led to the vehicle by a masked knifeman, it is alleged. The van and two cars drove off in convoy to an alleyway on White Hart Lane in Tottenham which led to the back of the Stadium Lounge wine bar, the jury was told. Aylett said: “It was here, in the Stadium Lounge, that Koray Alpergin was murdered. “As for Godze Dalbudak, she spent almost two days locked in a bathroom at the Stadium Lounge. It was not until late afternoon on Saturday, October 15 that she was released.” Mr Alpergin’s naked body was transported to Loughton in Essex, where he was dumped in woodland on October 15 and found by a dog walker a few hours later.

Aylett said a post-mortem examination identified 94 distinct injuries on his body, which was covered in cuts and bruises. The prosecutor said: “He had suffered what must have been a severe blow to the head, which had actually caused brain damage. “He had injuries to his neck that were consistent with the use of a ligature to strangle him. “He had 14 fractured ribs and the linear pattern of bruising on his chest suggested the use of something resembling a baseball bat. “He had several wounds on his skin that were consistent with having been scalded with boiling water. “The soles of both feet had been stabbed with something sharp.” Aylett said there were also wounds to the victim’s genitals and an internal injury. He told the jury: “This was, by any measure, a terrible crime and one in which a large number of people played some part.” It was stated that the use of vehicles with false license plates, which were later burned, presented “all the characteristics of being linked to serious organized crime, almost certainly to drugs.”

Mr Aylett told the jury: “The prosecution alleges that Koray Alpergin was kidnapped and tortured so that he could be punished for something he had done or forced to give up something he knew – perhaps the whereabouts of drugs or money – and which his captors “They also wanted to know.” Steffan Gordon, 34, from Northolt, Tejean Kennedy, 33, from Cricklewood Broadway, Samuel Owusu-Opoku, 35, from Wood Green, Junior Kettle, 32, from Archway, Ali Kavak, 26 , from Tottenham, and Erdogan Ulcay, 56 years old. from Camden, are on the bench. Gordon, Kennedy, Owusu-Opoku, Kettle and Kavak deny murder and two counts of false imprisonment. Kennedy, Owusu-Opoku, Kettle, and Kavak deny kidnapping the two victims, which Gordon admits. Ulcay and Kavak also deny perverting the course of justice which allegedly included disposing of Mr Alpergin’s body and destroying two vehicles by fire. Owusu-Opoku has admitted the charge. The trial before Judge Sarah Whitehouse KC continues.

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