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Kirsty Smitten, A brilliant young scientist who created a new class of antibiotics that could save millions of lives and avert a medical catastrophe has died at the age of just 29. Kirsty Smitten was given just months to live after being diagnosed with heart cancer – a terminal disease so rare it affects only two people a year in the UK – in February and lost her fight for life in the first few hours on October 4th. He had been receiving treatment at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital for seven weeks before his death. Her family was at her bedside during her final hours. His sister-in-law Sukhi Smitten, wife of his older brother Matt, said: “Kirsty fought until the end, but this was such an aggressive cancer that she couldn’t beat it. He kept saying why she had to live: his brother Dan is getting married in November and Matt and I are expecting a baby in February.

She would have been the most wonderful aunt. “We are all heartbroken.” The family, from Solihull, were still recovering from the sudden death of Smitten’s apparently healthy father Kevin, 61, who suffered a heart attack while playing football in Portugal, last October, when they began to fear for his health. Ms Smitten, who had played hockey and football every day, woke up in the night with agonizing chest pains last November, The Mail On Sunday reported earlier this year. It took three months of tests before she was finally diagnosed with cardiac angiosarcoma, a tumor in the heart. This type of tumor will grow back and is likely to spread or burst, causing her heart to fail, and Kirsty had no doubt that this was a death sentence, but she hoped to live long enough to find a cure.

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Kirsty Smitten was 29 years old.


During the first months, the biochemist, doctor in Chemistry and included in 2020 in the prestigious 30 Under 30 science and health list of Forbes magazine, continued to lead the fight against antimicrobial resistance, which the World Health Organization called one of the biggest threats to global health, which has seen bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites evolve over time and no longer respond to medications. With her team at Metallo Bio, a company she set up with the support of her PhD supervisor at the University of Sheffield, Ms Smitten developed two antibiotic compounds to treat bacterial infections, including strains of pneumonia and meningitis that have become resistant to the medications commonly used to treat them, as well as infections that develop in wounds and after surgery. However, in recent weeks she was unable to work because she had difficulty breathing or walking around her hospital bed. His family is keen that his legacy, both in bringing the new class of antibiotics to the public and in raising awareness about cardiac angiosarcoma (he posted regularly on Tiktok and Instagram and supported other sufferers online), continues after his death.

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