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Kirsten Moiler, 33, the family have broken their silence after she suffered severe burns when her divorced spouse reportedly set her on fire.

Kirsten Moiler was transported to the hospital with 38% body burns after her estranged husband Peter Moiler, 42, reportedly set fire to a car near her Mount Helena home in Perth on June 2. She is still in a medically induced coma after one week and will take months to recover from her life-changing injuries. Ms. Moiler’s mother Fiona Halton has posted a statement online to address the horrific incident that will ‘impact [her daughter] forever.

‘I’d like to thank everyone that assisted my daughter in the moments after the attack,’ Ms Halton wrote. ‘To the Mt Helena residents, the medical response team, and the staff at Fiona Stanley Hospital I will forever be grateful for your actions that have saved my daughter.’ Ms. Halton added her daughter has a very long road to recovery ahead of her, which will take ‘months’. She will have to undergo extensive medical treatment and procedures,’ she added. Kirsten’s family and I are very grateful for all the love and support at this time.

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Kirsten Moiler is 33 years old.

Mother of Kirsten Moiler speaks out after reportedly being set ablaze by her ex-husband in Mount Helena

Ms. Halton has set up an online fundraiser to assist with the growing costs of her daughter’s extensive medical treatment and recovery. ‘Her life will be impacted by this attack forever,’ she wrote. Kirsten is a mum of three beautiful children who will now be separated from their mother for months to come as she tries to recover.’ The community goal is to help raise money to contribute to any medical and personal costs that will arise as Kirsten embarks on this long hard road to recovery.’ Family relatives are caring for her three small children. Ms. Moiler is said to have recently divorced her husband of ten years.

Police were summoned to the intersection of Honey Street and Mill End at about 6:25 p.m. on June 2 to reports of a blue Holden Commodore on fire and two people with burns. Witnesses reported hearing many explosions and a woman screaming for help before witnessing Ms. Moiler sprint 100m from the site to a nearby brook while ripping off her burning garments. Ms. Moiler was in anguish and ‘terribly afraid,’ according to one of the locals who rushed to her aid. She was in excruciating discomfort. ‘I couldn’t talk to her,’ she admitted. It was awful. She was in quite a bad way. Ms. Moiler was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital by the RAC Rescue Helicopter with third-degree burns to 38% of her body, including her face, arms, upper torso, and lap. St John Ambulance took her estranged husband to the hospital with superficial burns. On June 4, he appeared in Perth Magistrates Court charged with aggravated grievous bodily injury. He did not seek bail and will return to court at a later date.

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