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King Khalif Lawrence Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Died

King Khalif Lawrence Wiki – King Khalif Lawrence Bio

King Khalif Lawrence reportedly passed away. His Biography, who is it? and how did he die read more details.

Kimberly Megan is married to Aidonia, whose real name is Sheldon Aitana Ricardo Lawrence. When Khalif was two years old in 2016, the couple got married. Unverified rumors suggest that the young man may have been battling cancer.

Recently, his father tweeted a message that followers now believe he has something to do with his son’s health. “Pray. Faith. Watch God work,” he wrote on Twitter on Nov. 27.

Khalif was reportedly been seriously ill since 2019. Her mother reportedly neglected her social media profiles to spend more time with her son, and Aidonia’s pages have also been less active.


King Khalif Lawrence was 9 years old.

King Khalif Lawrence’s Cause of Death

Several Dancehall artists were among those who publicly shared their grief and condolences for Aidonia and wife Kimberly Megan’s son, Khalif, who has passed away. Khalif, aged 9, reportedly passed away from cancer.

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Shenseea shared her condolences in a Tweet yesterday, following the news of the boy’s death.

There were several users who expressed their understanding of Aidonia’s infrequent contributions to Dancehall in recent years.

โ€œMany people wondered why Aidonia didn’t release new music at a faster pace. Not knowing that she was dealing with a sick child. ๐Ÿ’”,” @Niajanelle tweeted.

โ€œNow I understand why aidonia took a break from dancehall to spend quality time with her family and be there for her son. It is more than sad to lose a son, especially one so old. My condolences didi” added @wxcaan.

โ€œWhile the media criticize and take down Donia for not releasing music and shit. That man was busy fighting his silent battles. This really taught us all not to judge and be kind to each other. RIP little man… condolences to Aidonia and Kim,” @chocolatesnooks wrote.

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