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Kimberley Eyre, a mother-of-two was assaulted outside her own home by a neighbor’s cat, resulting in severe injuries. Kimberley Eyre, 38, was gushing in blood when the feral cat attacked and bit her arm down to the tendons. The vicious attack halted only when a factory worker heard her screams of agony and despair and kicked the cat away. Kimberley, from Earby, Lancashire, is on maternity leave from her job at a children’s residential care. The caregiver, who has a four-year-old daughter and a five-month-old boy, was cleaning her carpet when she heard cats screeching in the garden. ‘I was inside when I heard a commotion outside,’ Kimberley explained.


Kimberley Eyre is 38 years old.

Mauled by a neighbor’s CAT, there was blood everywhere

She dashed outside to discover her one-year-old cat Maximus Minx hiding beneath the bench, fighting a large Tom cat. ‘I remembered the tabby and white Tom as one that had been coming into my garden for almost a month, and I had been pouring water at it to deter it,’ Kimberley added, adding that she also had a rabbit and a chicken in the garden. ‘I tried to save my cat by reaching beneath the bench and grabbing Tom.’I then placed him on the ground, and he glanced up at me before launching himself at my arm. He curled his legs around my arm, his claws piercing my skin, and tore at my wrist with his fangs.’It was excruciatingly painful and terrifying. I couldn’t believe what was going on. ‘I’ve never seen a cat act like that before.’I was screaming, and a neighboring manufacturing worker hurried to aid me.

I finally got the cat off my arm, and it started attacking my cat again.’The factory worker kicked the cat away, but it returned, and he kicked it away again, and it began to attack him. Tom was fearless, snarling, and vicious. It did, however, ultimately quit attacking. ‘I was drenched in blood and had major cuts on my arm and wrist. The but mark was almost an inch long and exposed my tendons. ‘I can’t believe a cat could inflict such severe injuries. It’s more akin to a dog attack.’ Kimberley traveled to Airedale General Hospital in Steeton, West Yorkshire, where the nurse described the wound as the worst she had ever seen on a cat. Kimberley’s injuries were cleansed and treated, and she was given antibiotics. Her arm is still swollen and in discomfort. ‘I’m frightened of putting my small girl out in the back garden because if the cat bites her, it could be fatal,’ Kimberley explained. Kimberley has warned other villagers to be on their guard if they come across the cat.

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