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Kerri-Ann Conley Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Pleads guilty to the 2019 deaths of his children Darcy and Chloe-Ann

Kerri-Ann Conley Wiki – Bio

Kerri-Ann Conley appeared at a sentencing hearing at Brisbane High Court on Tuesday morning, February 14, following the tragic deaths that took place on November 23, 2019.

The children, identified as Darcy-Helen, 2, and her sister, Chloe-Ann, 1, died inside her mother’s car outside her home in Logan City, south Brisbane. . The court heard how Conley smoked ice the day before the incident, visited her friend’s house with the children and drove home only to leave the children restrained in the Mazda sedan at 4 am. The mother went into the house to sleep and only got her children back at 1:30 p.m. m. when temperatures rose above a scorching 140F.


Kerri-Ann Conley is 30 years old.

Could have been easily avoided

Crown prosecutor Sarah Dennis told the court: “This is not a case of an unfortunate lapse in memory…the deaths of these children could easily have been prevented.” She said that Conley used to leave her children sleeping in the car and that several of her friends had removed them from the vehicle on multiple occasions. Relatives of the suspect, including the father of one of her children, were present at the Brisbane High Court as prosecutors exposed the horrifying series of events. Conley was reportedly seen wiping her eyes at times, but otherwise, she would face straight ahead.

Conley’s phone records revealed that she was using the device until after 5 a.m. m. that fateful morning before going to sleep while her children were still in the car. She woke up only in the afternoon and finally got the children out of the car and into the house. The court learned that Conley later called the father of one of the girls, who told him to call the triple-0 emergency number immediately. “She told them that she had fallen asleep and that she had left the children in the car,” Dennis said. “She was in a state of distress.” The prosecutor noted that the children’s skin was covered in blisters and peeled off when emergency services tried to treat them.

However, Conley reportedly offered a false version to the police of what occurred the night before. “His attempt to dispose of evidence of his own drug use and the timing of that attempt and the lies he told police to minimize his own culpability indicate that while shock may have been a factor, his primal instinct was to protect herself … when her primary instinct as a mother and caretaker should have been to protect her children,” Dennis said. As mentioned, Conley had left her daughters in the car on multiple occasions in the past. On those occasions, she apparently explained that she left them there because they were asleep and “difficult” to calm down once awake.

‘Totally helpless’

Dennis, in his court filings, pointed out how the Conley children were “totally helpless” with no way to break free of the car or protect themselves from the blistering heat. “She represents a complete abrogation of her duties as the mother and primary caretaker of her children,” she said. The prosecutor described the mother as a “heavy and frequent” drug user. A medical screening test found ice traces of drugs and amphetamines in Conley’s blood before she admitted to smoking a “point and a half” of methylamphetamine the day before the incident.

Conley was originally charged with murder under new Queensland legislation introduced just weeks before the incident, which reportedly includes reckless disregard for human life as a form of murder, according to Daily Mail Australia. However, she pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter when she appeared in court on Tuesday. Meanwhile, she has also pleaded guilty to other drug possession and drug paraphernalia charges, the newspaper reported.

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