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Kentavious White, a man from south Georgia, shot two of his relatives and a McDonald’s employee before killing himself. In Georgia, chilling security footage captured the moment a mass-shooter McDonald’s employee blasted his manager to death — after he’d already murdered down his mother and grandmother.

Kentavious White, 26, completed his killing spree shortly before 6 a.m. Thursday when he shot himself in a fast-food restaurant in Moultrie, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). According to security footage that has yet to be disclosed, “White arrived at the restaurant” and “got his manager, Amia Smith, to come to the door,” according to the state agency.

“White fatally shot Smith. White is subsequently observed entering the restaurant, where he kills himself with a self-inflicted gunshot,” the report says. Smith, 41, was the early-morning manager at the McDonald’s, according to Sabrina Holweger, who works next door, and seemed to have been gunned down while unlocking the door to let White start his shift.

Kentavious White Age

Kentavious White was 26 years old.

McDonald’s manager named as one of three victims killed by employee

When local cops received word that a woman “had been shot but was still alive” at a neighboring home, they rushed to the scene. According to the GBI, she was transferred to a local hospital and eventually died. Then, according to a third call, “an additional woman was found dead at another home next door.”C. Verlyn Brock, Coroner of Colquitt County, later identified the other deceased women as the mass shooter’s Susie Arnold, 50 and Hilda Marshall, 74-year-old grandmother.

All three women had been shot multiple times, the coroner said. “I can’t for the life of me figure out what set it off like that,” Brock said. Jerry Goodwin, who lived next door to the gunman and his murdered mother, said he and his wife heard gunshots just before 1 a.m. from Thursday. Another neighbor told WALB News 10 that he heard between six and seven shots just after midnight.

It was not immediately clear if either called Moultrie police, who did not respond to comments. However, officers had been called a week earlier when White came out with the gun and fired as he yelled something, Goodwin said. It was not clear what action was taken. Despite this, Goodwin said of White: “he had never seen him hurt anybody or try to hurt anybody before this.”

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Shooting in Georgia came a day after a gunman in Atlanta killed one person

Tanner Strickland said he knew White’s murdered mother and grandmother. “They were both two of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure to be with,” Strickland told WALB. “Both light up any room they walk into. They both really have hearts of gold.” Moultrie McDonald’s will remain closed until further notice, owner-operator George Suarez said. “We are devastated by the loss of our beloved restaurant manager, and our hearts go out to all the victims of this senseless act of violence,” Suárez said.

The latest mass shooting in Georgia came a day after a gunman in Atlanta killed one person and wounded four others at a doctor’s office. Chas Cannon, a Colquitt County government administrator, said “a murder is pretty rare in our corner of the woods.” “It’s amazing. But this day and time, our jail is full, our local prison is full. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people breaking the law,” he said.

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