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Kelly Welling, a California boy who was killed in front of his sister by a crazy driver who plowed his car into a gathering of students, who died on his mother’s birthday — who is now reliving her last words to him, “I’m proud of you.” “I adore you.”

Wesley’s mother said she learned of her son’s death through her daughter, Hannah, who was only a few feet away when the 15-year-old was mowed down by a vehicle in Thousand Oaks on Tuesday.

“I receive a phone call from my daughter Hannah. “There was an accident, and he was unconscious, and they were doing CPR the entire way to the hospital,” Welling explained. “That is where he passed. By some miracle, my daughter wasn’t standing right next to him because it could have been both of them,” she said.

Kelly Welling Age

Kelly Welling was 15 years old.

Student Wesley Welling mourned after being struck in a rollover collision near Westlake High School

Wesley and his sister were waiting for the bus with other Westlake High School students when Austin Eis, 24, allegedly plowed his car into them intentionally. Eis, whom authorities said is homeless, had allegedly gone on a rampage earlier at a Walmart in Simi Valley, where police said he attacked two employees, one of whom was stabbed. Welsey’s sister said she heard the Toyota Camry skidding, “and as everything happened so fast,” according to the Ventura County Star.“I’m just concerned about his sister because she witnessed the accident,” her mom said.

“I just can’t believe it’s real. “I’m expecting to hear his voice as he walks down the stairs.” The bereaved mother recalled her son’s final words to her on the fateful day, which also happened to be her birthday. “I told her, ‘I’m proud of you.'” I adore you. “I said to him, ‘Have a good day,’ and that was the last thing I said to him,” Welling explained. According to NBC Los Angeles, she stated that she is now preparing for her son’s burial after her sister died last week.

Welling traveled to the crash site with Hannah and her other son, Cody, on Wednesday, where a memorial of flowers and letters had grown in front of the school. school. “Everyone adored him. “From this whole thing, I’m finding out how many more people loved him than I already knew about,” she told reporters. Christian Morales, a 14-year-old freshman, said his mother picked him up from the crash site after the crash.

“I had no idea what had transpired. “I thought it was just an accident,” he said, adding that he didn’t realize his friend had died until later. “He was a very nice, intelligent man.” “He was always looking out for others, putting others ahead of himself,” Christian added. “He never caused any harm to anyone. “He was always calm and playful. “Following the event, three of Wesley’s classmates were hospitalized with varying ailments.

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Vigil held for student hit, killed by crime spree suspect

Olivia Ludwig told ABC7 that one of her friends was hurt. “Her femur is broken, and she had surgery last night to repair it,” she explained. “She’s up now and doing fine, but she could be in a wheelchair for the next eight weeks.” “She has so much going for her, and I’m just really sad to see it all go down the drain because of this,” Olivia continued. Meanwhile, more information has been published regarding the suspect’s crime spree, which began 13 miles away at a Walmart on West Cochran Street in Simi Valley.

According to KTLA, the Westlake High graduate pepper sprayed and stabbed a store employee several times with a huge knife. According to the source, Eis then allegedly attacked another staffer and tried to drag her away. He then rushed at other Walmart employees with the knife before fleeing in the car, which he drove to his parent’s home in Camarillo, according to officials.

The man allegedly entered the home brandishing a pistol, causing an argument before driving away toward Thousand Oaks. Eis was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, facing a slew of felony accusations, including murder, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and attempted kidnapping. The bail for his release has been set at $5 million. The stabbed employee is in serious but stable condition in the hospital.

According to KTLA, the female worker he allegedly tried to pull away was treated at the scene and released. On Wednesday evening, a prayer vigil was held at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, where scores of individuals, including teachers, parents, and students, gathered to mourn. Malia Smith and Natalie Weston, students, stated the entire town had come together in their grief.

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