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Keira Dascoli-Guymer, from Nambour on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, was a perfectly healthy and fit 18-year-old, but she collapsed suddenly on June 17. She was rushed to Sunshine Coast University Hospital and she spent 10 days in intensive care in a coma. On June 27, her family made the heartbreaking decision to disconnect her from life support. Her mother, Lisa Guymer, said doctors have not determined what caused the teen’s heart to stop and the family now faces the reality that she may never know what happened to her daughter.

“She didn’t have a heart attack…her heart just stopped and they don’t know why,” she told the Courier Mail. “It’s hard to try to accept that they don’t know, and we may never know.” Ms Guymer said her daughter was a fan of roller derby and she saw the colorful sport as a place where she really fit in. Skate derby is generally a sport that is full of outcasts and people who have their own unique personalities, and very supportive people,” said Ms Guymer. “Once (Keira joined the sport) she finally felt like she fit in.”

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Keira Dascoli-Guymer was 18 years old.

Keira Dascoli-Guymer Death

It was a sport that started in early 2020 after learning how to skate by watching YouTube tutorials. Keira and her two younger sisters joined the Coastal junior roller derby team and Keira excelled from the start. The teen quickly rose through the ranks and made the adult team before she turned 18, playing under the name Darla Damnation #275, or ‘Darls’ to her teammates.

After her death, the club organized an event, ‘Celebrate Skate for Keira’, to raise money for her funeral. A GoFundMe from Keira’s roller derby coach was also set up to help the family with costs, raising over $2,000. The family has also donated four of Keira’s organs after her death, a gesture that means a lot to the family.Ms Guymer said the family’s second daughter, Elki, was diagnosed with leukemia at a young age and she needed donations from others.”(Elki) required a lot of donations from other people…it’s a priceless gift,” she said.

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