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Keilan Roberts, 22, had also been on crack hippy and drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel to kill 17-year-old Chloe Hayman.

Roberts had met passenger Miss Hayman at a nightclub for the first time just hours before. She was reportedly upset and Roberts offered to give her a ride home, but she crashed into the side of a mountain, killing her. He was jailed for only three years and nine months, but Miss Hayman’s mother, Danielle O’Halloran, criticized the sentence as an “insult”. His sentence will be reviewed by the Court of Appeal in September following the horrific accident at Fochriw, Caerphilly, South Wales. The family contacted the Attorney General for England and Wales to complain about the length of the prison sentence imposed on Roberts before the appeal was lodged. Mrs O’Halloran said: “I just don’t think the sentence was long enough.” It is not enough time to sit and think about your actions. “I hope that his father and I can continue to fight and hopefully change something in the way sentencing is viewed. ‘We have been sentenced to life in prison for not having our daughter in our lives. “She had just changed from that fun girl to this empowering woman, and she wishes she could have had that for the rest of my life.”

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Keilan Roberts is 22 years old.

Investigation Report

The Cardiff Crown Court heard that Miss Hayman met Roberts at the Platform 11 nightclub in Pontypridd, South Wales, in July last year. She spoke to her after she was seen “crying” when she couldn’t find a ride to her house before he got behind the wheel of her Skoda Octavia. But she crashed into the gates of the cattle drive on a mountain road. Emergency services responded to the scene and found a “large hole in the passenger side windscreen” which rendered Miss Hayman unconscious. At trial, prosecutor Jason Howells said Miss Hayman was fatally injured when guardrails pierced the windscreen of Roberts’ Skoda Octavia. Cardiff Crown Court heard a neighbor rushed to the scene after hearing a “loud bang” at 5:50am. m. Howells said: “I could see a man sitting in the driver’s seat drinking a bottle of beer and a woman slumped in the passenger side.” Roberts told the witness: “I wasn’t drinking at the time of the accident. I just opened some bottles to relieve stress. I just killed someone. Police collision investigators found that the car would not have passed MOT due to worn rear tires, but there were no mechanical failures. A postmortem examination revealed that Chloe died from a chest injury, including a cardiac avulsion.

Roberts pleaded guilty to four counts of causing death by reckless driving in excess of the prescribed alcohol and drug limit. The court heard that he had 118 mg of benzoylecgonine (or cocaine), 34 mg of ketamine and 75 mg of MDMA for every 100 ml of blood in his system. Roberts, from Rhymney, Caerphilly, was jailed for three years and nine months and banned from driving for ten years. Ms O’Halloran said tougher sentences would deter other drunk or drugged drivers. She said: ‘The sentence strikes us as an insult as a family. Chloe’s life was taken at the hands of someone who made the stupid decision to drive when she was in no condition to drive. ‘No family should have to experience what we have experienced and the pain and sadness we feel as we navigate life since the loss of Chloe. “We hope the loss of our Chloe will spread the message to today’s younger generations to prevent another stupid decision to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and to prevent another family from losing an innocent life.”

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