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Keanu Labatte, 19, is accused of raping, waterboarding and beating his girlfriend of two months inside their dorm room at St. Catherine University, an all-girls school in St. Paul, Minnesota. His girlfriend escaped after three days and went directly to authorities, the complaint says. Labatte was charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct, one count of threats of violence and one count of domestic battery by strangulation, according to the complaint. The complaint alleges that Labatte arrived at the university to see his girlfriend on Thursday, September 7, and discovered texts, photographs and social media posts that “infuriated” him. In response, Labatte is accused of taking her phone, raping her and strangling her until “she couldn’t breathe, she felt dizzy and she saw stars,” according to the complaint. On Sept. 9, the complaint alleges that Labatte had the victim lie down in a bathtub, put a washcloth on her face and watered her. That same day, he allegedly threatened her with a knife and told her he would cut her wrists, according to the complaint. The victim told authorities that September 9 was “the worst.”

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Keanu Labatte is 19 years old.

Investigation Report

The next day, according to the complaint, the victim convinced Labatte to let her leave the bedroom to go to the cafeteria. He returned her phone and instructed her to keep in touch with him on Snapchat so he could track her movements, according to the complaint. At that time, she reported the incident and then went to the hospital to be examined, according to the complaint. He allegedly called the victim five times after she left the bedroom and sent her a text message asking why police were outside her, the complaint states. According to the complaint, police found Labatte in the bedroom and arrested him. When he was read his rights, according to the complaint, Labatte responded by saying he was pleading the fifth. Inside the bedroom, police found a washcloth and a folding knife, the complaint says. They also found the mattress on the floor, which the victim said was placed there to prevent the bed from squeaking during the alleged assaults. The complaint also states that Labatte was on probation for violating a restraining order. Labatte’s bond was set at $100,000, according to the probable cause statement. She appeared before a judge on Tuesday, according to KSTP, and her next court date is scheduled for October 9.

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