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The victim Kaylee – The Missouri teen who was left in critical condition after another teenage girl slammed her head into the ground during a caught-on-camera brawl has been identified as a 15-year-old named Kaylee. The young teen was pictured smiling away from the camera in a photo on a GoFundMe fundraiser shared by a family friend. “Kaylee is fighting hard to stay alive and heal but this is only the beginning of a very uphill battle,” the description said of Kaylee’s condition. She is currently suffering from a serious brain bleed and swelling, the friend said. “We will not know the extent of the brain damage that has occurred until she wakes up but the path to recovery will be extremely hard on the family, not only mentally but financially,” they wrote.

As of Wednesday morning, the fundraiser had raked in nearly $24,000 of its $40,000 goal. The teen was wounded Friday afternoon when a fight broke out near Hazelwood High School in St. Louis County. Kaylee and a second, unidentified girl started hitting each other before the latter pushed her to the ground and started punching her, the troubling footage showed. Kaylee could be seen trying to defend herself while the other girl repeatedly called her a “bitch.”When the second teen finally got on top of Kaylee and smashed her head into the ground, onlookers could be heard yelling “damn!” Kaylee was eventually left lying motionless on the ground while others continued to scuffle.

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Missouri Teen Fight: Investigation Report

After police arrived, an unidentified 15-year-old girl was taken into custody. The investigation into the fight is ongoing. Lawmakers have called for the girl who bashed Kaylee’s head in to face maximum consequences. “The criminal should be charged and tried as an adult. If the victim dies, that offense should rise to a homicide,” Attorney General Andrew Bailey wrote on X. Those involved in the beating “must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe added. Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley argued for a federal mandate that would increase the number of school safety officers on campuses. “If it’s good enough for some football games to have a security presence, to have cops, to have security cameras, surely it’s good enough for our kids,” the Republican said.

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