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Katrina Brazil, A Las Vegas woman who allegedly left nine dogs inside two hot vehicles on a sweltering 111-degree day was arrested Friday after two of the dogs died, police say. FOX 5 in Las Vegas reported that Katrina Brazil, 47, faces nine counts of injuring an animal after two initial felony charges of killing an animal were dropped. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officers responded to reports of a woman at a Motel 6 in possession of seven distressed dogs and two deceased pit bulls, one of which was a puppy. Responding officers moved the dogs to an air-conditioned area and provided them with water until Animal Protection Services arrived. In the police report obtained by the news station, a witness said she saw Brazil trying to cool the dogs down, including placing a lifeless pup in ice-cold water.

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Katrina Brazil is 47 years old.

Charged after leaving 9 dogs, including 2 that died in vehicle

Another witness told police the dogs were inside a moving vehicle and when he asked the woman if the air conditioning was on, she did not answer. Brazil allegedly told police that the dogs were his. She also said that her boyfriend bred the dogs for money. She also told the police that she was evicted from her residence two days before the incident, and that same night her boyfriend was arrested. Police said Brazil placed four dogs in her boyfriend’s truck and five dogs in her vehicle for approximately 30 minutes. Both engines were running, she claimed, and the air conditioning was on. But when she told officers that she had water for the dogs, nothing could be found in either vehicle. The news station reported that the oldest dog, Cash, died of heat stroke, according to an autopsy. Brazil told police that she did not know the name of the puppy that died in the vehicle. Brazil was released after a court hearing on Tuesday. As part of her parole, she is not allowed to own or come into contact with animals.

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