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Who is Katie Salmon? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Arrested, Investigation Report

Katie Salmon Wiki – Bio

Katie Salmon, 28, a Love Island star, was arrested on suspicion of assault and drug possession after allegedly punching and kicking a love rival. Katie Salmon has been arrested after allegedly pulling out a love rival’s hair and leaving her with a black eye.

Katie has been accused of punching and kicking model Jyssica Memory. The assault is alleged to have taken place around 4 p.m. at Kettering on Tuesday. Katie was later reportedly arrested in Stoke-on-Trent. A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: “Police have received a report of an assault on a woman in Kettering.

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Katie Salmon is 28 years old.

Love Island star Arrested – Police Investigation Report

Following that report, a 28-year-old woman from Wallasey was arrested in Stoke on Trent on suspicion of assault and possession of a Class B drug. A 40-year-old Wallasey man was also arrested on suspicion of criminal mischief, suspicion of threatening to kill, assault, and controlling/coercive behavior. Both have been released on police bail pending further investigation.

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Investigations into the assault are continuing and anyone with information is asked to contact Northamptonshire Police.” Last year it was reported that Katie had split from her fiancĂ© and the father of her child, Harry, according to The Sun. She deleted all traces of Harry from her Instagram; including snaps from her gender reveal party and Harry’s birthday party. She wrote: “Everything has changed for me since I had my baby girl. It’s been one of the hardest and most beautiful journeys. I didn’t know I had the ability to go through everything I have this year. Women are superheroes idgaf.

“The reward is her beautiful smile and her health.” Katie continued: “I have settled for so much less than I deserve from so many people because I never really respected who I was or what I was worth. My loyalty, love, and energy are unmatched. The change has been intense but so eye-opening.” I had to grieve someone who once was and allow the new me to come in. If you can’t respect my growth then you don’t deserve to be at our table. The changes ahead for me are exciting so if your fight knows that, as painful as it is, is really here to help you evolve [sic].”

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