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Katie Price, 45, her dog Blade has died after being struck by a car near her home in Sussex.”Words can’t express the loss of my best friend my protector my absolutely everything who sadly passed away today I have no words to say how I’m feeling but numb and shocked rip Blade,” Price wrote on Instagram. According to a local veterinary group, Blade was likely killed on the A24. Blade’s death comes just months after another of Price’s dogs was killed on the same stretch of road.

Price’s animal ownership has been heavily criticized in recent years, as many of her dogs have died while in her care. In 2017, the former model also had two more dogs and one of her horses hit by automobiles. Another dog was suffocated after its owner’s nanny sat on it after it had been fed cannabis oil.

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Katie Price is 45 years old.

‘Her dog Blade dies in the UK after being hit by a car

30,000 people signed a petition to prohibit Price from owning animals, with the post accusing her of neglect and stating that “animals simply go missing in her home, never to be seen again.” There are also allegations that one of Price’s dogs drowned in her swimming pool and that another attacked a neighbor’s poultry.

The petition also alleges a variety of additional breaches, including “a dog trained to attack people.” Her cat was also ripped into pieces. The abuse depicted in her show My Crazy Life. Mould has grown on cat feces. Dog poop was simply left on the floor. “There are clothes all over the place.” Price continues to have multiple chihuahuas named Captain, Buddy, Colin, and Batman.

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