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Katie Deere was out for a walk with her dog and toddler in a stroller when the menacing canine attacked. The 31-year-old mother was covered in blood and she had to be taken to the hospital for surgery. The teaching assistant remembers seeing the “aggressive looking loose dog” staring at her in Askern, South Yorkshire, on August 17. Alarmed, she took her own dog and continued walking. However, before he could react, the dog crossed the road and lunged at her, latching onto her arm, Yorkshire Live reports. Quick-thinking Katie managed to push the stroller carrying her young daughter towards a passer-by who had stopped to help. In the midst of the chaos, her dog jumped out of her arms and fled, leaving Katie to bear the brunt of the attack. A man, who had witnessed her entire ordeal from her truck, ran to Katie’s aid and managed to get the dog off of her, freeing her arm, and quickly called an ambulance.

Katie was then rushed under blue lights to Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. She underwent a grueling five-hour surgery on both arms, which included 50 stitches and repair of her partially amputated left finger. Recounting the terrifying incident, Katie said: “I remember seeing the dog running towards me, I was absolutely petrified to be honest, I love dogs, but I could see him coming towards me and he looked very angry.” She recalled pleading with a passerby: “Please don’t let me die, I have a daughter.” “As much as I knew I was in danger, I just wanted my daughter out of the way, I knew they would call my mom and dad and that she would be okay. I can only remember the most horrible, intense pain, everyone says child labor “It’s the worst pain, but it’s not. “I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone.”

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Katie Deere is 31 years old.

Doncaster mum sacrificed her arms to save her child

She added that a truck driver named Stephen came to help her. She said: “The truck driver who saved me said there was so much blood dripping from my arm that he didn’t know if I was going to survive or not. “My finger was classified as a partial amputation, my left finger had been broken at an angle. 90 degrees and I had cuts on my right arm (up and down), my left arm had pins and they had to give me about 50 stitches. Currently, both of Katie’s arms are still in casts, forcing her to return to live with her mother, who is now responsible for feeding and clothing her, as well as caring for her daughter. “The truth is that it’s hard to know what the future means for me now, we don’t know at this point what the long-term damage will be until I get the stitches out.”She also expressed concern about possible nerve damage and the need for physical therapy to rebuild muscle strength.

The incident has left him with permanent physical and mental scars. “It’s changed me enormously as a person. I was so confident and now I’m so anxious that I can’t go anywhere without my mom or dad without getting overwhelmed and ending up crying because it’s too much. I’m petrified that I have to take my own dog out now, “Even when I’m better, how will I feel safe again taking my daughter and dog out now? It’s unfair that I feel like I shouldn’t be able to walk my dog and have my daughter in the stroller.” Katie’s aunt, Jayne Redfern, started a Go Fund Me campaign in Katie’s name. The goal is to alleviate the financial stress and worries currently facing the single mother and her family. Katie added: “I just want to get my head together, I haven’t thought about the financial strain but obviously the constant hospital trips to Sheffield, it all adds up.

It sounds silly but it’s like, I’ve had to do it.” “I buy bigger t-shirts so my mom can hold my arms, they’re little things you don’t even think about.” After the incident, Katie managed to connect with the man who came to her rescue, Stephen. She said: “After the incident I managed to contact Stephen through his place of work, McGregrs, he said he hadn’t stopped thinking about me. He said he didn’t know what he was going to do, but he knew he had to. do something. If he hadn’t been there he wouldn’t have been able to stop that dog, he is the definition of a local hero and he is the reason I am still here today.” The dog involved in the incident was destroyed after being “seized” by armed officers. Katie added: “I’m an animal lover and I don’t wish for any animal to be destroyed, but if he had been a child, God forbid, my daughter, he would have been killed.”

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