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Katie Bradsell, 32, was arrested after calling fisherman Mohammed Ali a “fat, smelly, sweaty cunt” and an “ugly shit” as they returned to their respective homes at the same time after separate family trips.

Bradsell, who was said to be unpopular with all of her neighbours, also called Mr. Ali’s partner, Georgina Rideal, ‘d****ead’ and ‘sl**’. During a tirade outside her semi-detached estate in Willow Hey, near Chester, Bradsell told Mr Ali: ‘You fucking idiot, stinking fat man, look at you, you disgust me, you fucking idiot.’ The neighborhood feud, which became known as the ‘Willow Hey War,’ even caused a witnessing six-year-old to ask her mother, ‘What’s a p**i?’ At Chester Magistrates’ Court, Bradsell was found guilty of racially aggravated harassment and warned she faces six months in jail when she is sentenced next month. The court heard that she had moved into a cul-de-sac terrace row where houses are worth up to £450,000 in 2014, but she fell out with Miss Rideal over an unproven assault charge. Things came to a head on September 20, 2022, when Mr. Ali and Ms. Rideal, who had been together for two years, returned home from a trip to a local entertainment center.

Mr Ali said: “I pulled up outside our address and parked my car to go into the house, but I saw Katie she was sorting through her bins and she was looking at me.” She is always gloomy and she would mutter certain things, as she usually does. I’m looking and she looks at me and says, “What are you looking at?” but I left it blank and went into the house. I made another trip to the car to pick up our baby, but Katie was still there, still looking at me. “I took the baby, went back into the house and closed the front door, but then she hit it. I opened the door and she was standing there with the phone recording of her. Mr. Ali continued: ‘I said ‘What do you want?’ but she started fucking around and blinding me saying “You are a fat jerk” and “You are a stinking jerk” and I just closed the door on her. ‘She kicked in the door again, but this time Georgina opened the door and said ‘What do you want?’ I told Katie to fuck off, and when I turned around, the baby was practically at my feet, so I closed the door again. “I’m not going to let my son see stuff like that, but I can hear Katie on the other side of the door yelling, ‘Fat damn.’

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Katie Bradsell Age

Katie Bradsell is 32 years old.

Arrested after ranting at Mohammed Ali outside their homes in Willow Hey in Saughall

‘Georgina opened the door again, and Katie was screwed up and blind. I took off my sandal and waved at her telling her to “fuck off, go away.” But she started saying racist words like “fucking shit”, “fat stinking shit”, “look at you, you disgust me” and “fucking shit”. Mr Ali added that he told her to stay away from her family, adding that Bradsell was “foaming, she was drunk, she drinks every day.” In a statement, he added: “The language used towards me was disgusting and abusive and made me feel particularly angry and upset.” I was attacked because of my skin color or race. No one should be made to feel this way. I was frustrated that it happened in front of my partner and my son. The entire incident was very distressing for me and my family. Hospital volunteer Miss Rideal told the court: “I would say I’m a good neighbor but there was an allegation you made against me that was completely fabricated and I sat in the cell for nine hours.” “That day, the first thing that happened was the screaming, but that happens a lot and has done for a long time.

There were also swear words and insults, but that is something that unfortunately I have had to get used to. But when the ‘p’ word started being yelled, in front of the kids, it’s not right.’ She refused to say the P word in court, adding: ‘My son is obviously mixed, Mohammed is obviously mixed, and it’s not something you think people will say anymore, in this day and age. He is ignorant and shows a complete lack of intelligence. There are children in every house on the street. It’s not okay to say it. Another neighbour, Samantha Williamson, said: “I could hear the words ‘You fat p**i’ and Mr Ali yelling ‘You fat sl**’.” Both were quite verbal. I went straight to the front to get the kids. ‘I think if you’re filming someone and going up to their face, I think you’re egging someone on. That’s happened to me before Katie. I know that all of that is part of that.’Georgina was outside, she was very distressed. She had her baby with her and he was visibly very distressed and crying. He was not very well as well.. I believe that he was in hospital a few times.’

Miss Williamson added: ‘It’s fair to say none of the residents get on well with Katie Bradsell due to the ongoing issues we have with antisocial behaviour.’ ‘He was a ‘fat p**i’ whilst she was a ‘f***ing little slag’. It was back and forth between the both of them. My six year old son heard it and he asked me ‘What’s a p**i?’ Bradsell who denied wrongdoing told the court: ‘I just pulled up from going to Aldi to do some family shopping – was not drunk. I went to bring a black bin bag out but Mr Ali got out of the car and said “Here she is, the f***ing grass.” He spat at me which he does all the time. ‘I told him to “Shut up you ugly c***”. Then I went in.’ She admitted her relationship with Miss Williamson was ‘horrendous’ and that she was ‘not on good terms’ with Miss Rideal but denied using racial language. Bradsell added: ‘Georgina has hit me twice and she has got arrested for it. But the police said “I would not press charges if I was you, because you are a neighbour”. ‘I’m stuck between two bullies. I have even got a Ring doorbell now. They are ganging up on me. They are trying to get me moved out of my house.’ But JP Frances Miller told her: ‘You were not consistent in your evidence and you tried to sidetrack and talk about other alleged offences that are not before the court today.’

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