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Kate Hooper, a grandmother of ten, is now too afraid to sit in her own garden in case another car crashes into her fence. Drivers crashed into the retired factory worker’s home on three separate occasions: in May 2020, June 2022 and most recently last Tuesday, while a motorcyclist died in a tragic accident in front of his home three years ago. years. Hooper’s son John, 73, is extremely worried that his mother may die because people repeatedly cut his garden fence in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Hooper, a retired JCB driver, says his family has repeatedly complained to council road bosses asking for traffic calming measures but nothing has been done. He says reckless motorists drive an average of 50 mph along the 30 mph street that has no signs warning drivers of the speed limit. Hooper, a father of three, said: “I really fear the worst for my elderly mother.” The street is an absolute death trap. ‘It’s having an effect on her because when it happened the other day and she called, she could barely speak. She was in that state and, considering, she is 93 years old. ‚ÄúThis is affecting her because she is getting more and more nervous and doesn’t want to sit in the garden.

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Kate Hooper age is 93 years old.

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If she was sitting in her yard and a car hit her, she would die.” Mrs Hooper has lived in the house on the corner of Alder Close for more than 50 years, but only in the last three years has the family seen constant accidents. Speeding drivers have been breaking into the property from Primsland Way, which the family says desperately needs humps or a 20mph limit. Neighbors also warn their friends to use a path that passes by the houses, instead of walking down the dangerous street. Mr Hooper continued: ‘The speed at which people are going down that road is crazy. ‘Normally I would say it’s like an accident waiting to happen because accidents are happening, so why hasn’t anything been done about it? ‘We have complained to the motorways several times over the last 12 months but absolutely nothing has changed. ‘They even told us that they didn’t think the road needed traffic calming measures. Well, clearly it does. “When there have been four accidents in three years, including one fatality, surely that is evidence enough.” Mr Hooper and his brother have been trying to do something about the stretch of road for the past year fearing another fatal incident or serious injury.

The grandfather-of-five, from Worcester, added: “We are angry, all my siblings are, and we are worried about her, the grandchildren and the great-grandchildren because if they were in the garden they would be involved in it like Well. “It would be an injury serious injury or a death, and that’s why we want to fix it.” ‘Neighbours come out if they see anyone with children or a pram and warn them that it is not safe to walk on the footpath. ‘People are not safe outside their own homes The average speed has to be 50mph and it’s a 30mph zone. ‘There are no speed limit signs nearby, no sleeping cops, just nothing that can prevent these accidents from happening. “It has to be a 20mph road , otherwise these accidents will continue to happen.’ It’s not right.’ Worcestershire County Council said it was now looking to implement a plan to calm traffic along the road. A council spokesperson said: “We are currently working with the local county councilor to address concerns raised along Primsland Way. “As a result, we will soon implement a traffic calming plan that includes additional signs and road markings.”

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