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Kandice Barber, 37, who sent explicit photos of the 15-year-old before having s*x with him in a field, told friends she found love with con artist Jay Delaney inside a prison open to women.

The couple are “100% dedicated to each other” and openly hold hands, kiss and hug, and Barber plans to live as a couple when Delaney, who wears her hair in a “boyish” short cut, is released from prison, according to a source. Has revealed. Barber, 37, has served almost half of his six-year sentence and is reintegrating into the community, while Delaney, 34, began a five-year sentence for his elaborate £388,000 fraud in April of the year past. Both are now on ROTL leave with the aim of returning them to useful roles in society. But when they return to East Sutton Park Women’s Open Prison, near Maidstone, Kent, they resume their relationship, which has lasted for around seven years. months. Barber was sentenced by a judge as “beyond despicable” when she was jailed in 2021 for having illegal sex with the impressionable young man. The teacher, who worked at a school in Princess Risborough, Bucks, flirted with the boy, sending him sexually charged messages during a school assembly.

The blonde bombarded him with messages, including one in which she asked him ‘do you like tits or butt?’ – and sent him a picture of her on a bed surrounded by sex toys. She was discovered after a topless photo she had sent to her victim was turned over to the principal of her school. The new partner choice for the mother of three surprised East Sutton inmates and staff. The source told MailOnline: “Delaney is slim and wears her hair in a boyish style, when they started dating her people said she must be the Barber type.” ‘They spend most of their time together when they’re not in ROTL. It’s been going on for about seven months and they talk about being a family when they’re outside. ‘Barber goes home and goes to work. She has four nights every two weeks to have access to her children and she also has six days off a month when she is working a job that authorities have found for her. ‘She’s not into much, but when she is, she’s with Delaney. They openly kiss, hug and shake hands and seem 100% in love, they don’t try to hide their relationship.

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Kandice Barber Age

Kandice Barber is 37 years old.

Jailed for six years and two months for grooming a child

They told me they had been sharing a cell together, but the officers found out and moved them.” Barber was recently removed from the prison-appointed job that had been found for her as a security guard at a construction site in Hounslow, west London. There was a rebellion among the workers when her shameful past was discovered and she was moved from the site near Heathrow airport. Before being transferred, she is said to have loved working on the site. One builder said: “She has an attractive look, so she is already proving a hit with the guys, who have no idea of her background.” “It’s no secret that she’s a huge flirt and a lot of her staff there have already taken notice of her.” While in jail, Barber’s husband, Danny, 40, moved in with a new girlfriend who is expecting her baby. He would have left her a single mother with three children, who were 10, 14 and 16 years old at the time of her crimes. But Delaney is ready to take on some of the family responsibilities when she can join Barber, who is expected to be released early next year.

Her case caused revulsion in the teaching profession after the court heard how she had threatened the boy if he told about his affair. Jailing her at Aylesbury Crown Court, Registrar Bal Dhaliwal said Barber had “acted in a serious breach of trust” and had “taken advantage of a child in her care and groomed him for his own sexual gratification.” She told the teacher: ‘The victim was a 15-year-old boy in his last year at school. You had control and authority over him. He was attracted to you due to compliments, he made you have sex with you while he was a student in his care. You threatened to take him with you if he reported it. You already had authority over him by virtue of your position, but using threats is beyond despicable. Her new partner, from Southend, Essex, stole from his victims by claiming he ran a get-rich-quick scheme over the course of five years, from 2015 to 2020. Delaney would tell his victims, many of whom were friends and colleagues, that he worked for Aviva and could turn a £5,500 investment into £10,000 in a couple of years, encouraging them to invest most of it. his life savings into his “scheme.” ‘.

In fact, she would transfer the money into her own account and gamble it online. She sobbed as she was jailed in April last year at Basildon Crown Court after admitting 38 counts of fraud. Judge Samantha Cohen said: ‘Before 2015 you had committed no criminal offences, but between 2015 and 2020 you perpetuated a fraudulent scheme. You preyed on friends and colleagues, and you dishonestly gained almost £400,000 for your own gain. You said you worked for a company – that was a lie. ‘You offered substantial returns on people’s investments – that was a lie. Often on the investments, you perpetuated to repay them with the increased premium. That often enticed the victim to make further investments. Some of them asked their friends and family to invest in the scheme as well. I expect they feel guilty about that, but the only guilt is yours. ‘You came up with a series of excuses about your health, or a serious life-threatening illness to put them off the scent on what happened to their money. You confessed to your parents, you knew you had to go to the police but you didn’t have the strength of your character so you asked your father to do it for you. That must have been one of the toughest things he has had to do.’

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