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Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, had allegedly faked a leg injury that would allow her to travel from her Austin jail cell to a city doctor’s office, where she spontaneously ran away from the two correctional officers escorting her, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by the Austin American Statesman. The alleged murderer with a history of escape ran more than a block to a residential area before officers were able to recapture her. Armstrong was hauled back to jail, where she was awaiting trial for allegedly killing professional cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson, 25, in a fit of rage after discovering she was in a relationship with Armstrong’s then-boyfriend when the couple were in disagreement. According to Travis County corrections officials, Armstrong took advantage of her months behind bars. Jail video footage spanning months shows the former yoga teacher “exercising vigorously” throughout the facility, in addition to routinely running, doing squats and practicing her former profession. Armstrong continued her intense training regimen while she complained of injuries that required specialized medical attention, the documents state.

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Kaitlin Armstrong is 34 year old.

Suspected cyclist killer exercised ‘vigorously’ to plan brief escape

Officials believe she specifically complained of a leg injury so that she would not have to wear leg restraints when she was taken to the doctor’s office. She had just finished her outpatient appointment and two correctional officers were leading her back to the transport vehicle “when she ran,” officials said last week. Armstrong had somehow removed his left hand from the straps on her arm, potentially with a “thin, solid piece [of metal]” that investigators later found in a search of her in her cell. The plan backfired when Armstrong removed her striped uniform pants during the brief foot chase, “revealing that she was wearing thermal pants underneath her, in an effort to disguise her recluse appearance.” She was trying to scale a fence when the two officers knocked her back to the ground, causing both to suffer minor injuries to their arms and knees, the document states. Armstrong is now charged with escape and causing bodily injury, an additional felony in addition to the murder charge. The jailbreak is not the first time Armstrong has tried to flee since she was accused of the 2022 murder: she spent 43 days in a Costa Rica shelter before being pursued by US marshals. The accused murderer drastically altered her face and used several aliases as she moved around the country while she attempted to establish herself as a yoga instructor.

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