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Kaitlin Armstrong and Moriah Wilson Wiki – Kaitlin Armstrong and Moriah Wilson Bio

Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, was arrested in Costa Rica on June 29 after spending 43 days on the run. An arrest warrant was issued for her on May 17, six days after her.
Moriah Wilson, 25, was found shot to death in Austin, Texas. According to Wiki-Bio,

Former Plano Police Lt. Douglas Deaton testified on behalf of Kaitlin Armstrong’s defense at a pretrial hearing. Kaitlin Armstrong, the murder suspect of a Texas professional cyclist, returned to court again Monday for a pretrial hearing, with a defense expert taking the stand days after two homicide detectives were questioned in court.

Armstrong is accused of shooting gravel cycling star Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson, who investigators say was a perceived romantic rival who had been on a date with Armstrong’s boyfriend, Colin Strickland, another professional cyclist.

The 34-year-old former yoga instructor’s defense is asking the court to throw out evidence that her lawyer says was unconstitutionally collected.

Kaitlin Armstrong and Moriah Wilson Age

Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, and Moriah Wilson was 25 years old.

Cause of Murder

After a scramble over an unrelated warrant that Austin police had used to arrest Armstrong shortly after the murder, he was not read his Miranda rights. And despite asking to leave several times after she was told she could, and asking for a lawyer, the police continued to question her.
The interview was later cited by detectives in the affidavit seeking an arrest warrant on murder charges, which the defense also disputes as misleading and insufficient.

Testifying during Monday’s pretrial hearing was former Plano police Lt. Douglas Deaton, an expert witness for the defense who previously signed an affidavit condemning the warrant.
In court, he called the affidavit “borderline murder,” according to FOX 7 Austin, and argued that it showed the detectives’ inexperience.

Armstrong is due back in court on November 9.
She was arrested on a Costa Rica beach after a 43-day manhunt for Wilson’s murder. She allegedly dyed her hair and assumed a new identity.

Wilson’s friend found her slumped in a pool of blood in the bathroom of the Austin apartment days before the gravel-cycling star was expected to compete in a race in Hico. She had “multiple gunshot wounds”.

Earlier that night, Wilson had gone swimming with Strickland at Deep Eddy Pool and then at Pool Burger, a bar and restaurant across the street. Strickland drove Wilson back to her friend’s house on her motorcycle and had misled Armstrong about her whereabouts all night, according to the affidavit.
Court records show that Strickland, Armstrong’s boyfriend, repeatedly told detectives that he didn’t think she shot Wilson, and that he didn’t think she was the jealous or violent type.

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