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Youtuber Kain Hogg, 23, was arrested after climbing on the roof of Anfield to watch Liverpool’s Champions League clash with Real Madrid on Tuesday.

Kain Hogg and two of his friends scaled the famous stadium after growing frustrated that they couldn’t buy tickets for the game. Anfield is currently undergoing redevelopment, so they slipped through the connecting construction site. They made it to the top and watched two-thirds of the match before they were caught by the stewards and arrested by the Merseyside Police. They are due to appear in court next month on charges of ticket evasion, trespassing, and dishonest obtaining services.

Kain, originally from Kendal, Cumbia, said: ‘The tickets sold out so the roof was our only option. We are very sorry for Liverpool FC and for the police who had to deal with the situation. Liverpool played Real Madrid at Anfield in the Champions League on Tuesday. It was a sold-out match, so when they were unable to buy tickets, Kain and his friends gained access to the ground through a construction site at Anfield Road End.


Kain Hogg is 23 years old.

YouTuber Kain Hogg and two Friends are arrested after going up to the roof of Anfield to watch the Champions League

They crossed some scaffolding and climbed a ladder to the roof of the stadium where they watched the first half without interruptions. They were wearing high-visibility jackets to look personal and their plan was working, until a security guard came up and questioned them. After speaking with the youths, it became clear to the guard that they were not supposed to be there and he called the police.

The group was arrested after they went down and individually charged with a series of crimes. They will appear in Queen Elizabeth II’s Law Courts on March 27. Kain, who shoots climbing videos for his YouTube channel, said they entered the building and waited two hours before the game to climb on the roof.

He added: ‘When they forced us down, we were surrounded by about 30 policemen and we spent 20 hours in a cell before they charged us. We didn’t want to upset anyone, we just wanted to see our team play football in the Champions League.” Merseyside Police and Liverpool Football Club have been contacted for comment.

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