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Kaiden Andre, 15, was swimming with a group of pals off Bournemouth Pier when he heard a man crying for help. The boy went on a day trip from his home in Basingstoke to Bournemouth, and it was the first time his parents had permitted him to go on such a journey. “It was my first time letting Kaiden go with his friends because we travel to Branksome every summer,” his mother, Jody, told the Echo.

I was hesitant to let him go at first since things were so hectic, but he’s mature, so I knew he’d be alright. Kaiden was in the water with his friend Iona and two others when they heard a young kid scream. When the child informed the group that additional people were in jeopardy, one of his buddies dragged him out of the water.

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Kaiden Andre is 15 years old.

Teenage hero helped save swimmers in the water

Three of the youngsters, including Iona and Kaiden, swam immediately toward the man, who was with a woman on the pier, and began dragging him closer to shore. “The man was in such a state of panic,” Jody observed. The trio managed to maintain the man’s head above water until Kaiden began to cramp. He and his companion swam to shore to summon assistance from the emergency services, while Iona valiantly kept the man afloat. Iona, a good swimmer, stayed with the man for several minutes, guiding him to the shore, where they were greeted by emergency workers who had been alerted by Kaiden. Iona then assisted the woman in returning to shore after he was safe.

Paramedics reportedly took the man away for further treatment. “Kaiden told me that he had never seen the sea so choppy.” There was no jumping off the dock or speeding boats; they simply observed a young man in need and went to help.” Jody stated that her son witnessed a boy given CPR on the beach. This “shook him up,” she claimed, and the gravity of the issue “hit home.” Kaiden was deemed fit to travel home after being examined by paramedics. “I cannot tell you how I felt when I saw my child get off the train back home, knowing that someone had lost their child,” Jody said.

“A police officer called him yesterday (Friday) and asked him a bunch of questions.” They told him he should consider himself a hero, which he does not. His impulse was to help, but it terrified him. We can’t believe the bravery he showed.” “My thoughts are truly with the families who have lost their children,” Jody continued. Such a dreadful day.”

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