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Kai Cenat, a social media influencer is suspected of inciting a riot after he allegedly lost control of a giveaway in New York City’s Union Square on Friday.

Twitch gaming streamer Kai Cenat was in custody after the incident and is likely to face two counts of inciting a riot and unlawful assembly, New York City Police Chief Jeffrey Maddrey said at a conference Press published on Facebook. Cenat has 6.5 million followers, according to his Twitch profile.At least three officers were injured and a sergeant broke his hand during the fight, Maddrey said, adding that more than 60 people were arrested, including about 30 minors. The New York Police Department learned of a post allegedly made by Cenat that informed people about a giveaway in Manhattan’s Union Square, Maddrey said.The post went viral, Maddrey said. According to CNN, Cenat during a Twitch stream on Wednesday said that he would host a “big giveaway” on Friday at 4 p.m. in Union Square Park.

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Kai Cenat age is not mentioned.

Faces Riot Charge After PlayStation Giveaway Causes Chaos

Cenat said that he would give away computers, Play Station 5, microphones, keyboards, webcams, gaming chairs, headphones and gift cards.”It was about 300 people around 1:30, not a huge crowd, which we would expect from a social media event like this,” Maddrey said. “But this event grew exponentially, fast, fast, and again this is the power of social media. There were thousands of young people here at this event. This was not a permitted event. This was not a sanctioned event.” Cenat was removed by police “for security reasons,” Maddrey said.Maddrey said the mob turned violent and allegedly stormed a construction site and used its materials as weapons.”We were attacked,” Maddrey said. “The youths destroyed our vehicles. My car is destroyed. They destroyed food carts. They destroyed stores.”According to NBC News, Cenat broke the record for most active subscribers on Twitch in March after streaming non-stop for 30 days. He has also been temporarily banned from Twitch five times.

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