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Who is Julissa Thaler? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Charged Murder, Investigation Report

Julissa Thaler Wiki – Bio

Julissa Thaler, Minnesota mother will reportedly spend the rest of her life behind bars after she was found guilty of the murder of her 6-year-old son, who was found dead in the trunk of his car in May 2022. Thaler was found guilty of first and second degree murder for shooting and killing her son Eli Hart.

Julissa Thaler Age

Julissa Thaler is 29 years old.

Found Guilty In Murder

The jury found the mother guilty on charges of premeditated murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of release, in just under two hours of deliberations on Wednesday, February 8. the case. Thaler originally faced second-degree murder charges, but was indicted by a grand jury on the enhanced charges earlier this month. She was first arrested in May 2022 when a 911 caller reported that she had been seen driving over the edge of her car and had a window broken.

Minnesota police stopped Thaler’s car after noticing blood inside the vehicle. Further evidence of foul play was found at a nearby gas station where the car had stopped. Officials reportedly found blood on her hand before discovering Hart’s deceased body in the trunk of her car. An autopsy report revealed the boy died of “multiple gunshot wounds” and listed her death as a homicide.

Authorities revealed that Thaler had won a custody battle over her son just days before her death. After the custody battle, Eli’s father, Tory Hart, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against two Dakota County Social Services employees, alleging they were “negligent” in turning over his son to Thaler despite concerns about their mental well-being and drug use.  Thaler didn’t take care of Eli, resulting in officials keeping him in foster care for nearly a year.

Earlier in Eli’s murder trial, Tory claimed that her son had completely changed after meeting with Thaler. She allegedly showed signs of anxiety and misbehaved at school. He once pushed a boy off a slide and also kicked a boy in the throat. At home, she chewed her shirt, had trouble sleeping, talked like a baby, and also started to stutter. In previous hearings, the court also reviewed some official documents, which revealed that Thaler committed “numerous traffic violations” including speeding, careless driving and using a wireless communication device while driving.

Following the verdict, Hennepin County District Attorney Mary Moriarty released a statement saying, “Eli’s brutal murder is one of the most horrific cases I have encountered in 30 years of working in the criminal legal system. Nothing will never fill the void that Eli’s father and other loved ones now live in every day, but I’m hopeful that this verdict will make it a little easier to remember Eli as the toothless, happy, smiling boy we’ve seen on the pictures”.

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