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Julio Aponte, 65, was jailed Wednesday for more than two years after leaving his wife, Maria Kelly, 49, barely breathing at a Washington Heights bus stop.

The attack occurred on June 14, 2021, and saw Aponte handcuffed a few blocks away after fleeing on a motorcycle. He left Kelly, a public school secretary with two children, injured and on life support, who was taken off less than a week later. After his arrest, Aponte confessed to assaulting his wife, after she left him a month earlier to live with his mother. He was heard accusing her of cheating. Initially charged with attempted murder and assault, he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in June after the charges were increased by Kelly’s death four days later. “Maria Kelly’s life was taken too soon when her husband viciously struck her over the head with a crowbar while on his way to work, leaving her for dead on the street,” prosecutor Alvin Bragg said of the defendant, who was handcuffed at his audience. The law enforcement officer, whose office used footage taken by a bystander to help its case against the suspect, added: “I hope this sentence brings Ms. Kelly’s family, friends and loved ones a sense of relief, comfort and justice”. The masked Aponte showed little emotion during the hearing, which was attended by members of his family. Among those present was his adult daughter Elizabeth, who also rebuked her father’s actions.

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Julio Aponte is 65 years old.

Heartless husband who beat wife to death at NYC bus stop sentenced as daughter rips him in court

Elizabeth, an NYPD traffic officer at the time of the murder, was heard telling her father: “I hope you rot in prison.” I hate you so much.’ A statement from the district attorney’s office went on to describe the attack after Aponte confronted his wife near the bus stop at 163rd Street and Fort Washington Avenue. An argument ensued, culminating in Aponte brandishing a crowbar and beating the woman into submission on the side of the street. The incident occurred shortly before 7 a.m., when the city was still waking up. That said, a passerby managed to film much of the heinous assault, before sharing it with the city’s police department. The images, which have audio, show how Aponte continued to hit his wife when she was already on the ground, hitting her head in spots in a fit of apparent anger. The clip has a full view of the bus stop and begins with Aponte accusing her wife, who was remembered as “a well-known pillar of the PS/MS 161 community” after her death, of being unfaithful. ‘How dare you fool me?’ she yells, straddling his wife, who is already lying below him on the sidewalk. She repeatedly hit his head with a crowbar covered in a plastic bag, producing a loud thud.

Bystanders yelled at him to stop, but he continued his assault. He punched Kelly, a mother of two and a school assistant, three times in the video. With her lying lifeless on the sidewalk, he tossed the bag under the bus stop bench with a clang. Aponte then got up, slowly, tossing a backpack to one side of her and standing over her, gesturing with both arms as he continued to yell at her wife apparently unaware of her. Bystanders gasped in horror, screamed, videotaped it and called 911. Aponte lingered a few more seconds before walking away. He fled on a motorcycle and was arrested nearby a few minutes later, police said. Later, Aponte dumped the motorcycle and told a parking attendant that he had killed his wife, according to the New York Post. The parking attendant reportedly urged Aponte to call the police. He eventually called 911 and confessed to killing his wife because she had cheated on him, police said. Agents found his wife on the ground, unconscious and with a severe head injury. Kelly was taken by ambulance to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, where she went into cardiac arrest due to her injuries and later died.

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